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James A. Porter

Hey there bud,

James A. Porter here, a veteran plumber, coming to you from New Orleans, Louisiana.

As I grew up in one of the most rain-infested areas of the USA, I had to pick up a thing or two about plumbing. While most people stop after picking up a few plumbing tricks, I began my career in plumbing.
With 20+ years of experience in this industry, I've seen practically everything there is out there in the pump/plumbing business.
Most of my plumber-peers are still living in the stone-age. But the pump industry has come a long way since I started doing business. Today, we have LCD screens displaying pump-problems, alarms screaming in the face of danger. Conversely, in my time, I had to do most of my work manually.
Anyways, I'm just your friendly neighborhood plumber looking to guide the uninitiated. Whether you're doing it as a hobby, or in desperate need of info, I've got your back jack!

My Story:

The memory of my father teaching me to use my first screwdriver is still fresh in my mind. Well, that one act didn't steer me down plumb-lane, no.
As more and more rainfall started hitting my place, I had to step up. I started experimenting in my basement when I was 16-ish.

And guess what? I loved it.

The little solitary experimentations culminated into me diving into the plumbing industry. I've worked for many small companies in my locality, but I prefer working solo. So, after a few jobs here and there, I became an independent service provider.

Well, now that I've reached a certain age, I don't think I have the plumber's strength anymore. I put down my cape and moved on to imparting knowledge.
Why am I doing now:

If you're on my website, you already know what I'm doing. I've gathered so much intel on pumps, pipes, the ins and outs, and more. I had this mini-encyclopedia in my head with nothing to do.

This website is my wife's suggestion. I never thought the information I have was valuable, but now I do. I've seen my friends, family, people close to me repeat the same mistakes when it comes to buying or maintaining their pumps.
Afterward, I realized the scarcity of reliable info is the reason behind my loved one's wasted money.
I decided to share my gifts, so you don't make the same mistakes people often unknowingly make.

I'm here to give you all the latest, reliable, crispy-crunchy pump-related information. So, gather your notebooks, scribble a little, and get the best out of this website.


The objective of this website is pretty straightforward. I didn't want my years of knowledge and experience to rot in my brain-shelf.
So, I aim to help anyone who needs authentic, rich information regarding pumps.

I cover a range of topics, from what pumps are trending (reviews/ personal recommendations), what batteries or battery backups are hot now, how to install pumps, how to maintain- the works as usual.


Now you know who I am and what this website is about- if you want to share any info that adds more value, feel free to comment.
Sink your teeth on all the rich information on this website, and until then, ciao.