7 Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump In 2021

When the entire world was destined to drown in water, Noah had a backup. He had his ark, which saved him and his family from a major catastrophe. So, if Noah knew the importance of having a backup and had one, then why shouldn’t you?

Similar to Noah’s world, your basement or even your house can be a victim of floods. If you think relying on a sump pump is enough, then you are heavily mistaken. You will never know what catastrophe may come knocking on your door.

Therefore, be like Noah, be smart, and check out our review of the best battery backup for existing sump pump to ensure that your basement remains dry and clean even when there is a power outage or defect in the primary pump.

Top 7 Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

We have lined out the seven best battery backups for existing sump pumps on the market. Each of them comes with their own unique features. Check out which one is the most suitable for your sump pump.

Pump Sentry 1622- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

Nowadays, manufacturers are in a race to construct the best device to be a perfect solution to all your problems. While some try too hard and fall short, the Pump Sentry 1622- Emergency Power comes out on top.

Suppose you do not have a backup pump, no need to buy one. This machine charges the battery, and right after a power outage, drains energy from it and converts it to AC power to activate the primary pump of 3 / 4 Hp. When electricity is back, it restarts charging the battery.

Moreover, you can install it either on the ground or the wall, if you already have enough furniture in the basement. Therefore, you do not have to shift anything or look for space to place it.

As it is an automatic process, you do not have to worry about the cell being overcharged. The rugged aluminum housing keeps it scratch-free for a long time and protects it from over-heating.

You do not have to buy extra cables as some are already provided. Apart from being within a reasonable price range, the installment method is very convenient. You can read the manual, know the procedure, and fix it yourself.


  • You can place it wherever you want.
  • The aluminum keeps the housing cool.
  • No professional assistance needed.
  • There is little to no chance of overheating or excessive electricity consumption.


  • It has no display to let you know the battery percentage.
  • There is no feature of a direct connection with your home security alarm.

Pump Sentry 822 PS- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

Worried about not having a backup pump? Well, bid adieu to the stressful days because the Pump Sentry 822 PS- Emergency Power has got your back. Once you install it, you will get to know its efficiency. Also, we’re pretty confident that you’ll recommend it to others who are suffering from basement flooding.

This fantastic product has a straightforward system, making it very easy to install. If you don’t have the buck to hire a plumber, it’s alright. Take a breather, read the manual, and see how effortlessly you can set it up yourself.

It charges the battery until there is a power outage. After the power failure, it draws energy from the battery, converts it to AC power, and resumes the operation of the primary pump. If the electricity is back, it starts charging the battery again.

You can remain outside as long as you want; the device ensures that the ½ hp sump pump works at its best for a dry basement whenever you return. Its mechanism also ensures that the battery is not overcharged.

Furthermore, you can either keep it on the ground or mount it on the wall if the space is congested. Its rugged aluminum housing ensures that you can use it for an extended period.


  • You do not need a backup pump.
  • It keeps on charging the battery until it is full.
  • No plumber is needed to install it.
  • Its sturdy and non-corrosive structure keeps it scratch-free for years.


  • There is no display to keep you updated on the battery level.
  • You cannot keep an eye on it through any app.

PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System

If you are thinking of substituting the old and traditional sump pump with an innovative one, then do give a thought to buying PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System. You won’t regret it.

This pump is an exceptional choice as after installing it, you don’t even have to check on it. The controller monitors and spies on the device to detect any unsuitable changes and lets you know through an app.

Moreover, to know about your pump’s whereabouts, you just have to install an app that’s free of cost. Wherever you are, you will get to know every detail and plan your actions accordingly, if any is needed.

The display indicates the source of problems like the battery, water level, or the main pump. Also, after a power blackout, the backup pump gets instantly activated and discharges maximum water of 2999 GPH at 5’ lift.

If you want, you can connect the controller to the existing primary pump, and it will continue its analysis. You can use it for a long time due to its dynamic configuration. So, you can enjoy its cutting-edge technology for years to come.


  • You can watch over the device through an app.
  • No monthly payment is needed for the app on your mobile.
  • An adequate amount of water is drained out.
  • The controller can monitor any primary pump.


  • It is heavier compared to others.
  • You will need a plumber to set it up.

Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Back-Up System

Want to have the best product for your basement that would stand guard whenever you are not around? We would highly recommend Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Back-Up System.

You will love this device, unlike others, it does not require you to be on your toes all the time. The controller assures that it is fully charged and prevents it from being overcharged. You don’t have to worry about its pumping rate either which is 40 gallons per minute.

Additionally, despite its automatic operation, the LCD screen keeps you updated on the voltage and battery percentage. If it detects any sudden shift in voltage or other changes, the home-security alarm goes off to warn you.

While there are pumps that sound like cannon fire, ruining your sleep, you won’t even notice when it runs. You don’t have to be a plumber to install it. If you are comfortable with tools, fixing it is a cakewalk.

Furthermore, its corrosion-resistant aluminum structure ensures its permanence. You don’t have to choke your wallet every other year. Besides, the cooling plate keeps it cool if it has been running for quite a long time.


  • A connection with the home security alarm warns you of any sudden shifts.
  • The pump remains scratch-free for a long time.
  • No sound is produced.
  • You will get to know the battery voltage from the display.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to others.
  • 5lbs makes it hard to carry.

Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup System

Wayne is a household name in the pump industry. Most of their products are a cut above the rest. Trust us- the Wayne ESP25 Upgraded won’t disappoint you as well. Not only does it live up to the manufacturer’s reputation, it also adds more glory to it.

Plastic-built pumps are prone to disintegration and decay. However, the epoxy steel body and cast-iron base of this pump makes it a tough cookie to crack. You can use it from one spring to another without any hiccups.

Whenever the backup system is activated, the alarm buzzes to make you aware of it. Unfortunately, the sound can drag you back from dreamy-dreamy land. However, the high-pitched alarm is helpful when danger is knocking about. On the bright side, LED lights make the display screen more convenient.

Moreover, no need to worry about its potentiality, as in a single charge, it drains out a whopping 10,000 GPH of water. The corrosion-resistant thermoplastic impeller makes sure that the maximum amount of water flows out.

Its weight of about 13.5 pounds does not make it heavy; so, you can easily carry it without anyone’s help. Your device is of perfect configuration to be installed effortlessly in a small pit.


  • Within a single charge, it performs for long hours.
  • It discharges a good amount of water.
  • The alarm is sufficiently loud enough to wake you in case of an imminent emergency.
  • Understanding the display screen is easier due to LED lights.


  • The battery is costly compared to others.
  • It takes time to get charged.


Looking for a sump pump with new and advanced features? Then why not have The Basement Watchdog Model BWSP. Just install it once and see how amazingly it works.

Once you get this fantastic device, you don’t have to be stressed even if you are miles away from home. If there is any problem with the machine, you will get immediate mails or texts through a device-specific app or your home security system.

Furthermore, you don’t even have to charge the battery as it gets charged automatically. No matter where you are, you don’t have to rush to check the battery percentage or panic if you have forgotten to do it.

The battery backup turns on after a power outage, saving your basement from severe flooding. At 0ft and 10 ft of lift, it continuously drains out 2500 and 1730 GPH of water respectively.  If a float switch dies, then the other is already there to activate the pump. It comes with a sturdy build, allowing you to enjoy the pump’s services for a long time.

Additionally, its controller checks for any irregularities and starts an alarm if it spots any anomalies. Also, this is of perfect size to fit in a small pit.


  • Its configuration is perfect for any sump pit.
  • If one float switch is dead, you can use the other.
  • The controller notifies you of an unexpected change.
  • It gets charged automatically.


  • Frequent maintenance is necessary.
  • The batteries might not last long.

THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWE Battery Backup Sump Pump System

If your back is against a wall, and you need a pump immediately, we’d recommend looking into THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model. While it’s not high and mighty like the other big-shot pumps, it does the job at a reasonable price.

This product is available with dual float switches. If one breaks, the other plays its part. The feature makes the machine way more reliable than others; on a stormy night, your pump won’t stop working for a switch failure.

Additionally, you will be amazed to know that it drains out 2000 GPH of water at 0 ft lift and 1000 GPH at 10 ft lift. So, you don’t have to worry about the pump’s energetic motor as it can run continuously for hours after hours.

If the primary pump shuts down, the second one starts immediately. The battery backup gets activated as soon as there is a power outage, reducing your stress to a great extent.

Thanks to the automatic charger, the battery gets charged at the right moment; you don’t have to worry at all. The whole system is monitored by the controller that signals every irregularity and sends an alarm to notify you.


  • You don’t have to charge the battery as the automatic charger controls it.
  • The backup pump turns on instantly if the primary pump fails.
  • An alarm notifies you of any change.
  • If one dies, the secondary float switch takes the position.


  • No mobile to keep you updated.
  • It is not provided with enough cables.

How To Select Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

There are a number of things you need to know and consider before purchasing a battery backup for a pump that already exists in your sump. These features or things will determine the efficiency of your product.


If your product comes with a battery of 12V/75 Amps, it is sure to deliver 2000 cycles while having a full charge. However, the number of cycles will vary if it is partially charged.

A battery backup can provide power for almost 5-6 hours without stopping; however, it depends on the current setup of the sump pump. If your pump features auto turn on/off, the backup may last for as many as two days.

Build Quality

It’s more or less evident that your battery backup sump pump must come with a build-quality that will enable it to provide years of operation. The product you choose should feature parts that are resistant to corrosion and strong enough to endure erosion and impacts.

A battery backup should offer individual parts made only to serve specific purposes. For instance, the motor housing should not only protect the components inside but also feature heat transfer, allowing the pump to remain cool during heavy workload.

On the other hand, the battery box should be durable enough to keep the battery protected from outside impacts. Also, the pump should come with a float switch, which can resist dirt accumulation and punctures.

Battery Backup Size

It is obvious that the sump pit in your basement will have limited space. It won’t be able to hold pumps of every size unless the pit is a huge one, which usually is not the case. So, before buying a battery backup pump, make sure you have enough space in the pit.

You also consider the size of the entire sump pump system. Some pumps take up a lot of space due to their unique configuration. However, if you do not have room for the existing pump and another backup pump, you can always buy a separate battery backup and squeeze it with the current machine.


In case you are going for a battery back sump pump, you should pick one that comes with additional features. Usually, pumps come with a vertical float switch. But when you are buying a backup, make sure it has something more to offer.

For instance, chargers, alarms, sensors, and indicators, which show the status of the machine, can always be an excellent addition to the system.

Backup Charging

The sole purpose of buying a battery backup is to avert problems that happen due to frequent power outages. While a backup is extremely useful in such cases, you should make sure it is being charged properly. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the voltage at times.

You can also decide on a larger battery that requires less charging, but it will cost you more. Recently, some people are relying on solar panels to charge their battery backups. It is a good way to save some extra electricity bills in the long run, but setting up the system will cost you a decent amount of money.

Installation Process

The battery or the backup pump should feature an effortless installation system. Usually, people prefer setting up the sump pump on their own, but you can also hire a plumber. Hiring a professional will cost you some extra bucks; therefore, it is best if you look into something that features ease of installation.

In order to have an effortless installation process, you need to consider the recommended basin size, dimension, cord length, weight, and discharge connection. You should also check if it comes with a detailed user manual.

Types of Battery

Although there are several types of batteries out there, it is best if you go for an AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat battery. AGM batteries are highly suitable for the latest backups. You can also try out Marine batteries and Wet Cell, but they often explode and requires regular maintenance.

On the other hand, AGM batteries require less to no maintenance, and they are quite famous for their longevity. Hence, we recommend you purchase AGM batteries instead of the other ones.


How much will a sump pump battery back cost?

It mostly depends on the model you are purchasing. The backups that come with high pumping power or battery life will cost you more than the standard ones. However, a proper breakdown of the battery backup’s cost can help you plan out your budget.

How to install the battery backup to the existing sump pump?

First of all, you will need to make sure the battery back is compatible with your existing sump pump. There are a couple of ways you can do that, but the easiest way is to ask the manufactures or read the specifications.

Once you are sure of the compatibility, we can move on to the main process. Start by connecting the backup sump pump’s PVC to the main pipe, which usually goes outside the home. Now make sure the check valves for each pipe are separated. Afterward, connect the negative and positive terminal of the battery and also the hydrometer, which you will use to measure the charge level.

Make sure there is no water in the sump pit. When you are done charging the battery, put it in plastic storage. Finally, connect the cables with the terminals. Generally, the terminals are color-coded; thus, it won’t be much of a nuisance to recognize them.

Why do I need to back up my sump pump with a battery?

The best advantage of having a pump battery or a backup sump pump is that you will never be susceptible to floods due to power outages. It is evident that AC-powered pumps are the most efficient in pumping water, but danger never comes with a warning. So, a backup is very much necessary when the power goes out or when the primary pump fails for some defect.

On top of that, battery backup sump pumps are fairly easy to maintain. It does not require much effort to install them either. However, make sure that to check the terminals and water valves regularly.


Having a battery backup eliminates the element of surprise caused by frequent power outages or a defective pump. It can save your valuables, which you think are safe but truly aren’t.

However, protecting the basement or your house from floods is never an easy task unless you have the best battery backup for existing sump pump in your inventory. So, do not wait to fix the problem when you can prevent it. As wise men say, prevention is better than cure.

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