7 Best cage for pigeon [2022]

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1. SRRPS PIGEON Automatic Pigeon Bird Feeder – 2-Pack Parrot Feeder Cage Accessories Supplies for Parakeet Canary Cockatiel Finch, 10*10

  • Automatic Pigeon Bird Feeder with one hole . 1KG of food can be placed at a time, making it easier for you to raise homing pigeons .
  • Bird Feeder -The food will fall automatically along the gap, and it will leak out according to the bird’s feeding situation to ensure a fixed amount each time, and it is not easy to waste food
  • The Feeder transparent design allows you to observe the remaining amount of food at any time, and add food in time, so that the pigeons will not be hungry .Maximum can leak corn, peanut, soybean
  • Bird Feeder fixed iron wire is given as a gift, which can be fixed anywhere, in the cage, outside the cage, on the trunk, and wherever you want to hang it.
  • Feeder With a cover, it can prevent food from being contaminated and ensure the food is clean. Suitable for pigeons, parrots, quail and other small birds

2. Bird cage Foldable Metal with Canvas Transportation cage Racing Pigeon cage Poultry cage Pigeon Loft Portable Takeout Pigeons Birds Racing Club Flying cage Poultry Transportation Coop 20×13×9in

  • Bird pigeon cage can be folded for easy transportation and storage. It is easy to unfold, buckle fixed, stronger, to ensure the safety of pigeons and birds transportation.
  • There is a door on the top of this pigeon cage and a door on the side. The side door can be opened to allow the pigeons to take off, which is very suitable for the daily training of pigeons. Then you can fold the cage, put it in the car, and wait for your pigeons to come home
  • Canvas Transportation cage No damage to feathers, breathable, made of stainless steel and waterproof cloth, durable .You can carry it to any place and fully guarantee the safety of the bird and pigeon.This bird cage have trays make cleaning a breeze, ensuring the sanitation of the cage
  • A variety of cage sizes to choose from, suitable for different quantity of pigeons .We have 16 inches 20 inches 24 inches 28 inches 32 inches. Also suitable for other types of birds, such as chicken, quail, pheasant, partridge and other small birds.You can carry it out to hunt, pretend to be your prey
  • Cage material use Waterproof fabric, the outer layer of the fabric is wear-resistant, and the inner layer has waterproof isolation glue, waterproof penetration .This cage can be washed with water, and it can be well ventilated and dissipated. You can take it anywhere, without fear of any weather,

3. Yaheetech 52-inch Wrought Iron Standing Large Flight King Bird Cage for Cockatiels African Grey Quaker Amazon Sun Parakeets Green Cheek Conures Pigeons Parrot Bird Cage Birdcage with Stand

  • 【ULTRASTRONG CONSTRUCTION】: Our extra large bird cage is crafted out of premium metal covered with antirust hammered paint. Welded frame and excellent rust and water resistance make this parrot cage a durable and safe pet home with good quality.
  • 【SAFE & SECURE】: Front doors are secured with latches, which can prevent your smart birdies from opening the doors, keeping them safe in the cage when you are not around.
  • 【FREE ACCESSORIES】: Three polished wooden perches provide sufficient place for your birds to rest and stand. Four plastic feeders can serve your pets with water and different seeds.
  • 【CONVENIENT MOVING】: Due to its extra large size, it may take a little effort to move this cage. However, our parrot cage that sits on four heavy duty rolling casters has perfectly solved this problem. Ball-shaped casters can roll in all directions smoothly.
  • 【EASY CLEANING】: A slide-out tray covered with waterproof paint can be removed and cleaned with water, making cleaning a breeze. A grate between birds and the tray can avoid your pets walking directly on their droppings, which ensures both your pets’ hygiene and the tidiness of the cage.

4. Plastic Pigeon cage Portable Foldable Plastic Transportation Poultry Transportation Bird cage Hunting cage Coop 24×12×9in Chicken cage

  • The transport bird cage uses high-quality plastic .Very strong and durable .make pigeon transportation cage a durable and safe with guaranteed quality.You can carry it to any place to ensure the safety of birds.
  • Plastic cage Total have three doors. two top door and one side doors. it’s better for racing pigeon out and fly `Easy to open top door for placing pigeon or bird in and letting them out.
  • The inside of the cage is smooth, will not harm the feathers of the birds, and is ventilated to ensure the safety of the birds. You can let the birds stay quietly without struggling.
  • Easy cleaning cage :can be cleaned with water, making cleaning a breeze. A grate between pigeon and the tray can avoid your pigeon walking directly on their droppings, which ensures both your bird’ hygiene and the tidiness of the transportation cage with stand
  • The cage delivery is delivered in loose parts and needs to be installed by yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for a detailed installation tutorial

5. PeSandy Dove Rest Stand, 6PCS Lightweight Pigeons Rest Stand Bird Perches for Dove Pigeon and Other Birds, Durable Plastic Pigeon Perches Roost Bird Dwelling Stand Support Cage Accessories

  • [ DURABLE MATERIAL ] – PeSandy dove rest stand is made of high quality newest plastic material, safe and non-toxic, tough, and durable.
  • [ SAFETY DESIGN ] – Different from other same products on the market, PeSandy pigeons stand frame bottom is a large rounded corner to avoid the possibility of injury to the fancier.
  • [ EASY TO INSTALL ] – PeSandy pigeon stand has multiple screw positioning holes for easy fixing and stability, suitable for any loft.
  • [ MULTI-APPLICATION ] – Dove rest stand keep the pet entertained while developing their skills. The size of the product is 20 x 10 x 12cm, it has enough space on the surface, suitable for a variety of birds, such as pigeons, parrots, and other birds.
  • [ DIY YOUR DOVE CAGE ] – You can install it on the wall at will, it is practical and beautiful, providing a safe and comfortable place for the pigeons to rest.

6. Aspeed 38.5-inch House-Shaped Bird cage in Wrought Black with Open roof for cocakatiels  Lovebirds Green Cheek Budgies Conures Parakeets Pigeons and Other Small and Medium Parrots Birdcage

7. PAJAROO Bird Cage | Large Bird Cage with Stand on Caster Wheels | with a Mesh Cover and an Oxford Cover | Can Be Used as Parakeet Cage, Parrot Cage, or Flight Cage for Pigeons, Cockatiels

  • A SPACIOUS, STURDY SPACE FOR BIRDS | Create an environment that’s the perfect place for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, and other birds to play, relax, and sleep, with one of our bird cages, built to comfortably accommodate several small and medium sized birds.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM TO FLY AND PERCH | A flat top keeps bird cages extra rooming and gives you room to hang toys or other accessories. You get 3 dowel perches and 4 feeding trays with purchase – and there’s plenty of space for more. Parrot cage dimensions: 30.7 x 20.5 x 52’’.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN | A slide out metal tray inside the large bird cage makes it simple and convenient to clean out bird poop and place water or treats inside. Our bird cages feature 4 rolling coaster wheels so they’re easy to move around.
  • STURDY IRON CONSTRUCTION | Made from wrought iron and boasting a powder coated frame finish, our bird cages for parakeets and other birds are extra solid and durable, making a comfy home for your feathered friends for years.
  • INCLUDES MESH COVER AND OXFORD COVER | Help birds fall asleep quicker with a black Oxford cover. We’ve also included a light mesh cover, and most of the tools you’d need to assemble the flight cage – an allen wrench, 16 screws, and more.


  • Works Great For Food, Water, or Treats
  • Easy To Clean
  • Fits Any Wire Cage
  • Great For All Birds & Poultry
  • Lowest price on Amazon Period

9. Ecjiuyi 8PCS Racing Pigeon Nest Bowl,Plastic Bird Nest Bird Cage Breeding Hatching Nest for Pigeons, Doves,Quails and Small Birds,Pet Cage Supplies

  • Made of High-quality plastic material,durable,reusable and easy to wash(soak before washing).
  • Size: About 23 x 5.5cm(D x H),the right size makes birds feel more comfortable.
  • The nest bowl works great,sturdy and anti-rollover,it keeps the eggs from rolling out and sits securely without tipping when the pigeons stand on the edge.
  • DIY a comfortable and beautiful nest for your love pigeons ,a great helper for a harmonious relationship between the owner and the birds.
  • A wonderful place for bird Pigeon eggs etc.add fun to birds, safe and comfortable, safe to use.

10. Pigeon cage Foldable Wooden Transportation Cage for Racing Pigeon Poultry cage Portable Takeout Transport Pigeon Flying Cage Homing Chicken Poultry Transportation Coop. Size 24×12.5×9in

  • Foldable Wood cage Can be folded, easy to carry, store, not take up space. best pigeon flying cage .After being folded, the height is 3 inches, and it can be easily put into the carriage and storage room.
  • This pigeon cage has a door on the top and a door on the side. The side door can be opened completely, and the door opened on the side can be put down as a pedal to let the pigeons take off, which is very suitable for the daily training of pigeons. Then you can fold the cage, put it in the car, and wait for your pigeons to come home
  • In the flying training of each pigeon loft, the pigeons must be transported to a certain distance for flying . A high-quality transport cage is a must for racing pigeons. This wooden cage have trays make cleaning a breeze, ensuring the sanitation of the pigeon cage
  • A variety of cage sizes to choose from, suitable for different quantity of pigeons .It can also be used for the transportation of other small birds, such as chicken, quail, partridge, etc.
  • The used 6-8 years of phoebe bamboo noodles are processed by molding, sanding, polishing, paulownia, painting, drying and other processes to ensure waterproof, suitable for specific outdoor scene requirements .Made of 100% logs, long service life, safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, natural raw materials, good for pigeon health

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