7 Best cathy glass book [2022]

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1. Please Don’t Take My Baby

  • Harper Element

2. Can I Let You Go?: A heartbreaking true story of love, loss and moving on

  • Harper Element

3. Where Has Mommy Gone?: When there is nothing left but memories…

4. A Life Lost: The shocking true story: Jackson Is Haunted by a Secret from His Past

5. Finding Stevie: A dark secret. A child in crisis.

6. The Child Bride

  • Harper Element

7. Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child

  • Harper Element

8. An Innocent Baby: Why would anyone abandon little Darcy-May?

9. Innocent: The True Story of Siblings Struggling to Survive

10. A Terrible Secret: Scared for her safety, Tilly places herself into foster care. A shocking true story.

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