7 Best dragon ball cards [2022]

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1. Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box Expansion Set DBS BE03

  • Dragonball Super Ultimate Box Collection.

2. BANDAY Dragon Ball Super: Special Anniversary Box 2021 Display

  • For DBSCG’s Fourth Anniversary comes cards for a special new deck! This deck makes a new archetype based on previously released characters with the theme of “4”! This product’s sole Leader Card will also be part of this theme, making their Leader debut!
  • Useful cards from previous sets come back in Alt Art designs! Long-awaited Draft Box 04 cards and more reprints essential to the latest meta environment are coming back with alternate art designs! This time will include various designs like last year’s ever-popular ink wash painting, and brand new cel-brush artwork that fans and collectors won’t want to miss!
  • Contains: 1x Special Anniversary Set 2021 (35 new cards x2 each), 2x Special Anniversary Packs (5x cards per pack x2 packs), 4x Vault Power Up Pack 2021 (4x cards per pack, x4 packs), 1x set of sleeves, 1x Storage Box (4 designs to collect)

3. DBZ Dragon Ball Super 2021 Gift Collection Box [GC-01: 4 Mythic Booster Packs, Sleeved, Deck Box

  • The 2021 DBS Collection has a newly designed deck case box, sleeves, and (4) Mythic booster packs at a great price.

4. Dragon Ball Super Series 13 Supreme Rivalry Unison Warrior Series 4 Booster Box – 24 Packs

  • Total cards in set: 292
  • cards per pack 12
  • 24 Packs in booster box

5. 50 Dragon Ball Super Card Lot Featuring a Random Vegeta Character Card! Includes a Golden Groundhog Treasure Deck Box!

  • ULTIMATE TOOL KIT FOR DECKBUILDING: Expand your collection, start a new deck, or get back in the game with our premium Dragon Ball Super TCG 50 count card set. Each bundle is filled with variety and value. No two packs are the same.
  • RANDOM VEGETA CHARACTER CARD IN EVERY BUNDLE: These powerful cards pack a punch! Each lot is equipped with a Random Vegeta character card! Plus, a bonus 40 common & uncommon and 5 Rare or Holo Rare cards! Rares will be unique with absolutely NO duplication.
  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION, TRADE, POWER UP & BATTLE: Are you or someone you love on the quest to collect the best DragonBall Super cards in the world? Level-up with the addition of 500 random power-packed DragonBall Super cards from across various sets!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY BOY OR GIRL: Get the perfect present for your favorite Dragon Ball fan and watch the excitement unfold! Our Dragon Ball Super cards packs make a great birthday gift for boys and girls.

6. Unison Warrior Series 15 UW6 Premium Pack 06 PP06 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Showdown

  • 4 booster packs + 2 PR cards

7. DBZ Dragon Ball Super Unison Warrior Series 5 Reboot [SD16] Darkness Reborn Starter Deck – 51 Cards

  • 51x Deck Cards
  • 1x Play Sheet
  • 1x Rule Manual

8. 2021 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Showdown DBS-B15 (Unison Warrior Series 6) Booster Box

  • The strongest Saiyans battle for victory!

9. Dragon Ball Super Unison Warrior Series 5 Cross Spirits Booster Box [B14] – 24 Packs of 12 Cards, BCLDBS2573041

  • A new gameplay mechanic that expands and powers up the whole UW Series enters the fray!

10. Special Anniversary Box 2021 (Random) – Dragon Ball Super CCG

  • 1x Special Anniversary Set 2021 (356 new cards x2 = 70 cards included!)
  • 2x Special Anniversary Pack 2021 (5 random new foil cards – 36 to collect!)
  • 4x Vault Power-Up Pack 2021 (16 alternate-art reprints – 20 to collect! 1 foil card in each pack)
  • 1x Pack of Sleeves (4 designs to collect!)
  • 1x Storage Box(4 designs to collect!)

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