7 Best food asmr [2022]

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1. A Bite of Shunde – 寻味顺德 – Episode 1

2. Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack “Dagashi” Economical 34 Packs of 27 Types

  • “Dagashi” is a Japanese cheap sweets and snacks popular among children.
  • Assorted 34 packs of Japanese popular snacks.
  • Suitable for party goods, free gift, tea break and so on.
  • Whole Package: W8.3″ D4.9″ H13.8″( W21cm D12.5cm H35cm)
  • Made in Japan

3. Fusion Select Ultimate Mango Bursting Boba Bubble Tea DIY Kit – 3-in-1 Bubble Tea Powder, Mango Flavored Popping Bursting Boba, Large Straw Asmr Food (Mango Powder+Mango Bursting Boba+Straw)

  • ????BEST DIY Kit – Our Bubble Tea comes with 3-in-1 Mango Powder, Mango Flavored Bursting Boba, and 6 Large Straw to drink the Boba
  • ???? EASY-TO-PREPARE, BURSTING BOBA – The set comes with a 450g Mango Flavored Bursting Boba and they’re ready to add to your DIY bubble tea or any other sweet desserts
  • ???? TEA MADE YOUR WAY – Our pre-mix powdered bubble teas give you more freedom when it comes to taste. Add or lessen powder, or even copy your favorite shop’s mixes and add your own toppings, Tapioca Pearl or Bursting Boba your way!
  • ???? A GIFT FOR BUBBLE TEA LOVERS – This complete DIY bubble tea kit is a perfect gift for anyone who loves indulging in a cup of boba. It comes in a neat and cute packaging ready to be handed out!
  • ???? STRAIGHT FROM BUBBLE TEA CAPITAL – Our product comes from Taiwan, the birthplace of the original bubble tea and boba culture! Unopened packs can last for up to 1 year at room temperature.

4. Perfect Soap Cutting! Carve Shape Game

  • Cutting the different types of soaps.
  • Carving it into different shapes
  • Stunning visuals and sound effect
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fun and relaxing game

5. Mukbang T Shirt – ASMR Korean Food Eating Vlog Shirt

  • Do you enjoy ASMR, Autonomous sensory meridian response? Do you like that relaxing tingle feeling? Do you watch food eaters online, or vloggers eat exotic foods, tapping their fingernails, or brushing something? This mukbang shirt is for the mukbang lover.
  • If you enjoy watching an Korean food eating online like pizza, noodles, crunch foods that are consumed in front of a camera for the internet audience, than this is a perfect birthday gift for that friend or mukbang enthusiast. Enjoy the crunch!
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

6. Fusion Select Bursting Popping Boba Pearls – Fruit Tea Snack Toppings Asmr Food (Blueberry, Kiwi, Pomegranate)

  • ✅ REAL FRUIT & JUICY GOODNESS – Our popping pearls are not like ordinary tapioca. It’s juicy instead of chewy and explodes into a blast of fruitiness that coats your mouth once they pop.
  • ✅ BURSTING WITH FLAVORS – Add your favorite fruit as toppings to your cold beverages. Each boba tea pack contains real fruit juice.
  • ✅ ELEVATE YOUR DESSERTS – Give your sweets a fruity taste and a satisfying texture that tickles your tastebuds. Add our bursting boba into frozen desserts such as yogurt, ice cream, and cold drinks.
  • ✅ Like Particular Flavor instead: We offer 1 Pack for its individual of your choice.
  • ✅ MAKE DIY DRINKS – Add the pearls to your milk, iced coffee, and smoothies! You can have a separate station of flavored boba pearls for your guests to choose from when making their DIY beverages

7. Japanese Mochi Variety Pack: Red Bean, Taro, Green Tea, and Peanut Royal Family Total 29.6oz – Packed in Fusion Select Gift Box Asmr Food

  • Japanese Rice Cake Mochi Daifuku : Red Bean, Japanese Green Tea, Taro , and Peanut Mochi. Each box contains 7.4oz – Total 29.6 ounce
  • The top hit mochi/daifuku selections/Combination- loved by everyone.
  • Packed in Fusion Select Gift Box – Ultimate Gifting solution
  • Great for all Ocasions: Birthday, Parties, New Year (Good Luck)
  • Product of Taiwan

8. Fusion Select DIY Bubble Tea Kit Flavored Bubble Tea Drink, XL Boba Straws, Shaker Bottle, 2 Packs of Quick Cook Tapioca Pearl, 2.2lb Bubble Tea, Authentic Bubble Tea from Taiwan Asmr Food(Strawberry)

  • ✅ COMPLETE MILK TEA POWDER MIX – Make authentic bubble tea with our 3-in-1 milk tea powder. Each variety tea is a perfect blend of your favorite flavor, cream, and sugar to satisfy your cravings.
  • ✅ THE BEST FLAVORS – Not sure what choice of flavored tea you want to make? Our powdered tea beverages are available in honeydew, strawberry, mango, and taro
  • ✅ SERVE IT HOW YOU LIKE IT – Our milk tea mix can be used to make hot and iced tea drinks or blended frappes and smoothies. Just add 5 ounces of water or milk for every 3 teaspoons of powder mixed.
  • ✅ GREAT FOR ALL OCASSIONS: Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Office, Military and others. boba to jelly, you can let guests add the ingredients they desire
  • ✅ A SCRUMPTIOUS GIFT – Know a friend or someone in the family with a boba tea craze? They’ll appreciate a pack of our boba milk tea mix so they can conveniently make their own drinks at home.

9. Deluxe Japanese Snack Box 30 Counts Individual Wrapped Essentials Sample Packs of Candy, Snacks, Chips, Cookies, Treats for Kids, Children, College Students, Adult and Senior in Fusion Select Gift Box Asmr Food

  • Japanese Snacks Assortment Includes 30 Delicious and Nutritious Individually Packaged Single Serve Snacks for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Packed With Top Brand Name Snacks – Amanoya,BBN, Ginbis, Hapi, Glico, Hi Chew, Meiji, Meito, Kameda and more Something for Everyone to Enjoy!
  • Best Care Package for Friends, Students, Loved Ones, Military Personnel, Office Break Rooms, Road Trips, Parties or Even Treat Yourself!
  • Fusion Select making gifting possible, easie,r quicker, better and more fun.All individual wrapped Japanese are packed in elegant fusion select gift box
  • Fusion Select never settle for less, so should you!

10. Your favorite cartoon cupcakes – Part 2

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