7 Best induction heater for dynavap [2022]

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1. KOOBOOK 1Pcs 1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module Flyback Driver Heater 12V-48V DIY

  • This section of induction heating using low-voltage DC power supply 12-48V,maximum current 20A, maximum power 1000W,long-time working power 500-800W.
  • Can only be used for small parts DIY players do hardening, annealing and other heat treatment.Also can be used with a graphite crucible melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals, uniform heating fast, very convenient.Not for industrial production.
  • The higher the voltage, the greater the heating current when the same thing, the effect is better.But at the same time heat is also large, so to eradicate the actual situation to select the input voltage, the general use of the words 24V or 36V power supply is enough.
  • The circuit board using double-sided fiberglass board, mainly copper traces are used to widen use the entire back surface of the resonant circuit common, continuous work, please add a fan to blow down from above, to the resonance capacitors and other components cool.
  • The kit contains a full set of driving circuit elements and brass.Buyers need to bring their own power and cooling unit.

2. SoHome Dental Lab Wax Carving Knife Heater No Flame Electronic Sensor Induction

3. Treedix 5-12V ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Power Supply Module with Coil Power Supply Heating Power Supply Module

  • ZVS heating Power Source module, with heating coil included. The heating coil can be soldered onto the PCB.
  • Input Voltage:DC 5V~12V(This voltage range is the voltage during operation, not the voltage when the power supply is unloaded).
  • The width of the object to be heated should be between 1/3 and 1/2 of the inner diameter of the heating coil, and it should not exceed 2/3.
  • Ensure all the components welding right, power line connected in the right way, then to set up an electric circuit.
  • The current / voltage is directly linked to what you’re heating.

4. Bolt Buster High Power Heat Induction Tool with Advanced Coil Kit BB2X-ACC

  • NEW BB2X-ACC Heat Induction Tool with Advanced Coil Kit. An all-in-one design that produces 1,800 watts of power at 95% + power efficiency.
  • his patented design produces MORE Power Transfer at LESS current draw = Runs Cooler, More Power Also Comes complete with an Advanced Coil Kit with Plastic Case, Owners Manua
  • Maximum output (120VAC x 15 amps)
  • 1 year limited warranty

5. DynaTec Orion v2 Induction Heater | Induction Heater For DynaVap Vapcaps | Updated Construction for Durability On The Go | Lower Heating Profile to Prevent Combustion | Ditch The Torch

  • The DynaVap Orion Induction Heater V2 is DynaVap’s smallest, most portable heater yet. Enjoy easy, consistent hits with your DynaVap M wherever you go from a compact, pocketable heater. The Orion comes with a zipper case, and a USB-C cable for fast, convenient charging wherever you go.
  • Dynatec takes induction heating a step further, as the Orion senses when the vapcap is inserted. No more pressing down on a button to heat up. Simply place your VapCap inside until the heating light starts blinking orange, and wait for the click!
  • The V2 Orion Induction Heater has received a number of changes and improvements. Thermal protection has been added to prevent damage from overheating and extensive use. If it gets too hot, the Orion will shut down and require a cooldown period before it can be used again.
  • The V2’s construction has been updated to prevent cracks and chips, with an improved button to prevent damage.
  • An automatic shutoff feature limits heating to a maximum of 10 seconds at a time.

6. Yosoo 5V-12V ZVS Low Voltage Heating Power Supply Module,Induction Power Heating Supply Module,with Heating Coil Power Supply

  • ZVS heating Power Source module including heating coil
  • ZVS heating Power Source module including heating coil
  • Input voltage DC5V-12V (We do not guarantee the module will work when the voltage is over 12V or less than 5V). We suggest the voltage is 5V to 12V, or the overload current or voltage lead to the smoked module
  • Maximum power 120W (when 12V eddy – current heating)
  • Ensure all the components welding right, power line connect in right way, than to set up an electric circuit.
  • The width of the heated object is as far as possible between the 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the inner diameter of the heating coil, the maximum not more than 2/3!

7. Solary Magnetic Induction Heater Kit 1000W 110V For Automotive Flameless Heat Induction Heat 1KW Hand Tool

  • Reinforced heat stabilized thermoplastic housing provides for increased durability inside and out.
  • Covered terminals for superior safety protection.
  • Improved ergonomics with a granular slip resistant handle, and work area with high illumination (LED).
  • Will heat through rubber or plastic.Equipped with fan cooling and thermal protection.Will not damage nearby heat sensitive parts.
  • By using the eletromagnetic fields to heat the ferrous and non ferrous metals, induction heater can turn a 3/4 nut cherry red in 15 seconds, which is faster and more precise and efficient than oxy-acetylene system, no open flame cause by the heating, to ensure your working environment in safe.

8. Travel Makeup Case Purple Weed Leaves Cosmetic Bag Organizer Portable 9″ For Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Toiletry Jewelry Digital Accessories

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: This makeup bag is made of high quality twill fabric. (Note: Cosmetic Accessories Not Included).
  • DIMENSION: 9″ X 6.5″ X 6.2″. It will be very handy while traveling, great size and roomy enough to carry all your small travel essential.
  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION: Zipper mesh pocket on the top lid is for makeup brushes, lipsticks or other stuff. Elastic straps around the wall of the bag to keep the bottles in place.
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Smooth zipper and durable handle and precise stitching.
  • IDEAL PORTABLE CASE: This is a very useful and compact bag. Fits well in a suitcase, holds plenty, and can hang in all sorts of places.

9. Induction Heater Coil Kit – 7 Coils + 1 Free Forming

  • Includes 7 of the most popular coil sizes plus 1 free forming coil
  • For removing rusty bolts and nuts.
  • Coil diameters range from: 1/2”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2” Flat
  • Free forming coil measures 36″
  • Includes plastic storage case

10. ‘Dental Power Dental Lab Infrared Electronic Sensor Induction Carving Knife Wax Heater

  • Safe than from fire and burn. Gain quickly high heat to the wax carver
  • Ergonomic design makes it easier to use. Energy efficient operation due to electronic sensor
  • It is clean to use due to using the cap which can be replaced
  • For safety, Error is appeared and protect the circuits when a carver is inserted in the hole for a long time
  • When you work for waxing up, this equipment is able to replace Bunsen burners, Alcohol or Gas Burners. You can gain quickly high heat to the wax carver and it is safe and efficient to use

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