7 Best stainless steel turkey fryer pot [2022]

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1. Enterprises Turkey Deep Fryer Oversized 44 Quart Stainless Steel Big Bird Kit by Bayou Classic for Big 25 lbs Huge Turkeys Complete KIT TOP of The LINE

  • 44 Qt. (11 Gallon) Stainless Steel Oversized Turkey Fryer With Basket
  • Vented Stainless Lid and Insulated Glove Great to Fry Boil Brew Steam
  • Aluminum Perforated Poultry Rack/Grab Hook and Skewers for Chickens
  • 12″ Thermometer 50°-750° & Stainless Seasoning Injector You Get What you Pay For

2. Bayou Classic 1144 1144-44-qt Stainless Stockpot with Basket, 44 quarts, Silver

  • 44-qt hefty stainless Stockpot
  • Domed vented Lid
  • Secure welded Handles
  • Perforated Basket that sets 3-in above the bottom for steaming or boiling

3. Gas One TP-32 32 QT Stainless Steel Tri Ply Bottom with All Purpose Pot Deep Fryer Steam and Boiling Basket, Quart

  • Turkey frying pot – Gas one’s turkey frying pot uses high quality and surprisingly Thick material built with a simple but effective design, made to last long.
  • Steel frying basket – includes a turkey pot comes with a sturdy stainless-steel frying basket.
  • High quality stainless steel – classic, sleek look; visually appealing and fitting of any setting, does not show scuffing or marks, there is no staining and no rusting.
  • Heavy duty – extremely strong, dependable and well-constructed, will last for a very long time.
  • Vented and welded lid -materials Included – Gas one’s turkey frying pot comes with an outer pot with two riveted handles on a double PLATED frame, an inner stainless-steel frying basket, try-poly capsule bottom, and a stainless-steel lid.

4. ARC 52QT Stainless Steel Stockpot for Seafood Crawfish Crab Boil Turkey Fryer Pot with Basket Divider and Hook, Crab Lobster Shrimp Outdoor Cooking and Home Brewing

  • ????MULTI-FUNCTION: The cooking pot is a perfect addition to your cooking equipment. Consist of 5 parts: Pot, Strainer Basket, Lift Hook, Steamer Insert Rack and a Divider. Make your favorite, traditional and delicious home-made recipes.
  • ????DIVIDER: If you’re cooking more than one type of food at once, use the divider, it can help you to steam 3 different foods separately at the same time. Great for tamales, seafoods, or any food you want to steam separately.
  • ????STEAM RACK & TUBE: When steaming food, the steam can be transported upward through the middle tube, transfer the heat to the upper food, which will make the food evenly heated in the stock pot.
  • ????BASKET & LIFT HOOK: Use the basket can drain the water quickly and prevent the food from falling. The hook can be used to take out the heated basket to avoid burns, safer to use.
  • ????MEET DIFFERENT COOKING NEEDS: No matter Seafood, Crawfish or Lobsters boils; Turkey fry, Home brewing or Tamale steam. This stock pot handles them all. Note: Please check whether the size of the pot fits your stove before buying.

5. CONCORD 53 QT Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/ Basket. Heavy Kettle. Cookware for Boiling

  • Concord Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid and Basket. Heavy Gauge
  • Includes Stainless Steel Stock Pot, Lid, and Basket
  • Stock pot and basket made from Commercial Quality Stainless Steel, Fully Polished.
  • Basket is lifted 1.5″ off the ground for steaming
  • Stainless Steel Basket and Lid is included. This Stock pot is great for boiling and steaming Seafood and is RECOMMENDED FOR OUTDOOR USE DUE TO ITS LARGE SIZE

6. Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Outdoor Turkey Fryer Kit – 32 qt.

  • The stainless steel turkey fryer has a vented lid and heavy-duty handles
  • Holds 3.5 gallons of oil and can cook up to an 18-lb bird / Commercial-grade stainless steel cookpot
  • Includes basket, poultry rack and thermometer / Single-burner patio stove
  • 50,000 BTUs of heat, 16 x 16″ cooking surface / Stove dimensions: 16″L x 16″W x 13″H
  • UL-listed hose, regulator and valve assembly / Pot: 14″D x 18″H

7. CONCORD 42 QT Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/ Basket. Heavy Kettle. Cookware for Boiling (42)

  • Concord Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid and Basket.
  • 42 Quart Stock Pot with Basket. Size: Pot 14″ Wide x 16″ Height. Basket 12″ Wide x 14″ Height
  • Stock pot is made from full Stainless Steel, Fully Polished.
  • Stainless Steel Basket and Lid is included. Basket is NOT raised
  • Great for boiling Seafood, vegetables, and deep frying.

8. CONCORD Polished Stainless Steel Stock Pot Brewing Beer Kettle Mash Tun w/ Flat Lid (30 QT)

  • Stock pot is made from Commercial Quality Stainless Steel, Fully Polished.
  • Commercial Grade 1.0mm thick walls
  • Riveted handles for sturdiness. Very heavy duty construction, will last a lifetime.
  • This Stock pot is great for brewing beer, seafood boiling
  • 30 Quart Stock Pot. Size: Pot 13″ Wide x 14″ Height.

9. Bayou Classic 1140 Stainless 10-Gallon Steam Boil Stockpot with Spigot Basket and Vented Lid

  • 40 quart capacity
  • Side calibration marks in gallons and quarts
  • 1/2 inch stainless ball valve spigot
  • Stainless steel steam basket
  • Stainless vented lid

10. Bayou Classic Complete Deluxe Turkey Fryer Kit 30 Quart Aluminin Pot, Low Profile Stainless Steel Burner

  • 30 Qt. Aluminum Turkey Frying Kit | 1.0mm/18 Gauge
  • SS30 Cooker with BG10 Burner – Single Bolt Leg Attachment
  • Perforated Poultry Rack/Grab Hook
  • 12″ Thermometer (50°-750°) – 1 oz. Trial Seasoning Injector
  • 14″ Diameter Cooking Surface – 12″ Low Profile Height

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