7 Best transit level [2022]

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1. AdirPro 22X Automatic Speed Line Optical Transit Level

  • HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The surveying level features a non-strip focus knob to prevent lens damage and breakage, and is equipped with durable brass leveling screws to provide long-lasting strength. In addition, it’s furnished in an electrostatically, powder-coated safety yellow paint that won’t crack, chip, or peel, in addition to keeping you visible in low-light conditions.
  • VERSATILE TOOL. Establishing pitch and setting posts using the 1-degree vertical arc, this high-quality instrument can be used by construction professionals, surveyors, civil engineers and agricultural workers who need to level the ground.
  • HIGH-PRECISION RESULTS. Featuring a large achromatic-coated objective lens, high-precision glass level vial and built-in sunshade, the Optical Transit Level effectively reduces glare to produce a razor sharp image every time.
  • ACCURATE PLUMB AND ROUGH ANGLES. Using clamps and tangents, this optical instrument quickly brings your scope on target. It boasts an accuracy of 1/4-inch at 100 feet, providing 22x magnification and can be used for both leveling and vertical applications within a 200- ft working range. The 4.5-ft short-focus ensures it has the maximum usable range and is designed for various constructions, surveying and leveling applications.
  • AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM TELESCOPE Built to last, this level features a one-piece aircraft aluminum telescope with sliding lock levers. It also uses a 5/8 x 11 thread for ea **Prop 65 Warning – Lead and DEHP**sy mounting onto a tripod.

2. Automatic Level 32X Optical Transit Survey Auto Level High Precision Level Gauge Measure Meter Machine

  • Magnification 32x Optical Level with Case,allows you to work without issues, even in low light conditions.
  • 360 degree rotary clear dials, provides more accurate location.
  • The horizontal knobs offer unlimited range, while the circular level enables angular measurements.
  • Comes with a plastic case, which makes it easy to be taken anywhere or to be stored for next time use.
  • Application: Construction engineering survey, deformation and subsidence monitoring, mining survey, etc.

3. David White LT6-900 Meridian 22X Optical Level-Transit

  • 1/4-in at 100-ft (6mm at 30m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 200-ft (60m) range
  • Horizontal Circle- Graduated to single degrees and reads by Vernier direct to 1/4 degree (15 minutes)
  • Horizontal Lock and Tangent Screw- Provides precise movement control

4. NWI NCLP26 26x Contractors Automatic Level Package

  • 26x Automatic Level, Builders Tripod and 9ft Grade Rod
  • 26x Magnification
  • Leveling Accuracy: 1/16″ at150ft
  • Working Range 300ft
  • Includes carrying case, plumb bob & manual

5. NWI NSLP100B Siteline Level Package

  • Siteline Level, Builders Tripod and 9ft Grade Rod
  • 20x Magnification
  • Leveling Accuracy: 1/4 in at 100-Feet
  • Working Range 200ft
  • Includes carrying case, plumb bob & manual

6. DEWALT Transit Level with Tripod, Rod, and Carrying Case, 20X Magnification (DW092PK)

  • 20x magnification for 200’+ range
  • ±1/4″ per 100′ accuracy
  • Transit capability allows user to determine vertical angles
  • 360 degree horizontal circle with vernier scale for precise measuring of horizontal angles
  • Protected leveling vial for jobsite durability; Heavy-duty leveling base is fast and easy to set up and level

7. BOSCH Optical Level Kit with 32x Magnification Power Lens, Tripod and Rod GOL 32CK

  • DURABLE: Features a durable design of plastic with overmold in key impact areas. Also includes all metal housing with IP54 protection making the Bosch GOL 32CK both dust and water resistant.
  • SELF-LEVELING: The optical level is automatic and offers a self-leveling compensator and both horizontal vertical crass hairs and Stadia lines.
  • POWERFUL: Provides extended viewing range with 32x magnification power and a large aperture for a working range of 400-feet.while also offering 1 16-inch accuracy at 100-feet ; Range:Up to 330-feet
  • SECURE: Features transport lock out device to protects compensator during transport and handling, granting this optical level portability from jobsite to jobsite.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The Bosch GOL 32CK magnetic dampening system quickly settles the system and reduces the effects of jobsite vibration, offering you accurate and precise leveling measurements

8. David White LT8-300P Universal Level-Transit, with Optical Plummet

  • 3/16-in at 150-ft (4.75mm at 45m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 400-ft (120m) range
  • Horizontal circle, lock and tangent
  • Vertical arc, lock and tangent
  • 1:100 stadia with glass reticle

9. NWI NSLP500B Siteline Transit/Level Package

  • Siteline Transit/Level 20x, Builders Tripod and 9ft Grade Rod
  • 20x Magnification
  • Leveling Accuracy: 1/4 in at 100-Feet
  • Working Range 200ft
  • Includes carrying case, plumb bob & manual

10. NWI NCLP32 32X Contractors Automatic Level Package

  • 32x Automatic Level, Builders Tripod and 9ft Grade Rod
  • 32x Magnification
  • Leveling Accuracy 1/16″ at 250ft
  • Working Range 400ft
  • Includes carrying case, plumb bob & manual

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