Best Water Powered Sump Pump: Reviews & Buying Guide for 2021

When nature goes wild and throws heavy rain at you, what do you do? You can’t throw it back if that’s what you’re thinking. If you stay put, you’ll see your beloved basement getting ravaged by water. As wise men once said- use your opponent’s strength. A water-powered sump pump is how you can use the power of the wild to your advantage. If extreme rainfall takes down electricity grids, and your primary pump stops working, you can survive the storm by having the best water powered sump pump by your side.

If extreme rainfall takes down electricity grids, and your primary pump stops working, you can survive the storm by having the best water powered sump pump by your side. In our water powered sump pump reviews, we’re going to delve deep into these machines and see what features make them stand-out. Once done, you can decide which one suits your needs.

If you want a quick recommendation, right off the bat, we’d tell you to go for Liberty Pumps SJ10 as it’ll give you your money’s worth.

Editor’s Choice
Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump, GRAY
Best Value
Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Max Water Powered Emergency Backup Pump System
High Power
Basepump RB750 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Water Alarm
Liberty Pumps SJ10
Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard 
Basepump RB750
Upto 1,185 GPH
1,140 GPH
700-900 GPH
2 Year
1 Year
Editor’s Choice
Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump, GRAY
Liberty Pumps SJ10
Upto 1,185 GPH
2 Year
Best Value
Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Max Water Powered Emergency Backup Pump System
Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard 
1,140 GPH
1 Year
High Power
Basepump RB750 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Water Alarm
Basepump RB750
700-900 GPH

Best Water Powered Sump Pumps Reviews

In the upcoming section, you’ll find a detailed analysis of our top picks. Let’s jump into it.

1. Liberty, SJ10

The Liberty, SJ10, Sump Pump is one of the best choices if you do not want your old parents to suffer due to severe weather. Its unique features result in exceptional performance without the need for any monitoring.

At a Glance

  • PVC construction
  • Automated activation
  • Heat resistant

You are lucky to have this in your basement if the pit is too small. Due to its compact size and lightweight, carrying and fixing it is no struggle at all. With all the provided parts, you can easily install it despite not being a plumber.

Additionally, the primary material of its construction is PVC, which is well known for being abrasion and heat-resistant, and tough. Even during heavy rainfall, it operates at the highest rate as it can endure maximum water pressure. This pump can move 1185 gallons of water per hour.

Its functionality requires no electricity but a continuous water supply. When there is a power-cut, it activates automatically without any human assistance. Wherever you are, you can just relax as the appliance never fails to play its role. It comes with 2 year warranty.

Furthermore, the check valves ensure that the water does not flow backward and disrupts the mechanism. As it is a water pressure sump pump, you don’t have to worry about either buying or charging the battery.

  • You can mount it effortlessly.
  • Its robust construction confirms its permanency.
  • The valves guarantee the forward flow of water.
  • No matter how fast the water level rises, it manages to keep the vault dry.
  • The length of the pipes is not adjustable.
  • There is no fixed way to discharge the excess water from the pump

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2. Basepump RB750

We know, it is quite tough to choose a water pressure sump pump that will never allow your basement to get wet even for a few minutes. The one product that we can confidently suggest is Basepump RB750.

At a Glance

  • 700-900 GPH
  • Built-in 85 DB alarm
  • Ceiling mount design
  • Compact structure

No matter how much you love your sleep, its 85 DB alarm will snatch you out of your sweet dream, notifying you about the current situation in the basement. Due to its compact structure, you can fit it in the smallest pit by the primary pump. Despite not having the pumping rate of its predecessor, the RB750 does dish out a handsome amount of water, 700-900 GPH, to be precise.

It never stops functioning as the municipal water supply is never short of water. Even if there is a power outage for days, it continues to operate until the water level touches the ground of the pit. Additionally, as it requires no motor or battery, you don’t have to waste time and money in buying and maintaining these. All the necessary parts are provided with the device for you to install it effortlessly.

Furthermore, it is specifically designed to be mounted on the ceiling. This feature extends its lifespan as it remains at a further distance from the basin, safe from debris and clogging.

  • You don’t have to charge the battery as it needs none.
  • Its audible alarm alerts you instantly.
  • The nonstop city water supply assures its incredible functioning.
  • A small area is enough for its fitting.
  • It makes noise while operating.
  • You might not like its working speed

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3. Basepump RB750-EZ Premium

If you want to keep your basement dry in the rainy season and boast about having the best water powered backup sump pump, we recommend you to consider Basepump RB750-EZ Premium Backup Sump Pump.

At a Glance

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Ceiling mount design
  • Dual check valves
  • Easy installation

The product is manufactured with corrosion-resistant polypropylene, allowing you to use it for an extended period. Due to its rigid structure, it can endure high water pressure. You don’t have to worry about buying another one for the next few years.

Moreover, having a ceiling-mounted design makes it an incredibly advantageous tool. It does not have to deal with the downward water-pressure; therefore, it can perform efficiently without putting much tension on its physique. Additionally, the chance of the sump water to flow backward into the city water source is highly reduced by the dual check valves. This machine uses no motor, wires, or any other mechanical parts, saving your money and effort.

It starts functioning as soon as there is a power outage. Wherever you are, you can relax as it operates continuously as long as the municipal water supply is available. All the plumbing parts are provided for you to install it effortlessly.

  • It can be fixed on the ceiling.
  • There is no need for any motor or battery.
  • Installation is simple, as all the required parts are provided.
  • Water does not flow backward.
  • Setting the timer might take a few minutes.
  • The float switch is a bit bulky.

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4. Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Max

If you still don’t have Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Backup Pump System, which is the best Zoeller water powered backup sump pump, then do have a look into it. After using it, you will love this brand due to a fantastic implementation of many features.

At a Glance

  • 1140 GPH
  • PVC body structure
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stainless steel float rod

Whenever the water level rises, it triggers the float, and this outstanding product starts functioning instantly. As it demands no electricity, even when there is a power outage for days, it operates nonstop. The motor has enough power to move 1140 gallons of water per hour. However, to attain the said pump rate, you must tweak a few settings. You should look for professional suggestions/help if you want to get the best flow rate from this device.

The float rod is made of stainless steel, and its PVC body ensures usage for a long period. Though the tool regularly comes in contact with water, due to its corrosion-resistant configuration, the parts will not wear out easily.

Moreover, due to its size, one can fit it into the smallest pit. You can effortlessly and quickly install it with all the instruments provided. As it requires no motor or battery, you don’t have to worry about their maintenance or charge the latter.

It functions as long as there is a continuous municipal water supply. No matter how severe the rainfall is, your basement will always remain dry. Additionally, you can use it with any primary sump pump.

  • Its functionality requires no electricity.
  • You don’t need a motor or battery for its operation.
  • Water always flows in one direction.
  • You can place it in the smallest area.
  • It cannot be mounted on the ceiling.
  • You won’t be notified by the alarm system.

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5. Basepump HB1000-PRO Premium High Volume

Want to install a sump pump that will not take hours to empty your basement pit? Try Basepump HB1000-PRO Premium Sump Pump, which is recognized as the most efficient machine to protect your basement from flooding.

At a Glance

  • High-frequency alarm
  • Ceiling mount design
  • Float adjustment available

You don’t have to be a plumber to install it. With all the provided tools, you can effortlessly mount it on the ceiling within a few hours. It functions without a motor, battery, or wires, so no need to worry about them being damaged. Furthermore, its alarm produces a high-frequency sound to warn you about the current situation in your cellar. You can even connect it with the security system to be alert as soon as possible.

As long as there is a continuous municipal water supply, it operates uninterrupted until the sump is entirely empty. You can even adjust the float and the pre-set timing to get the best result. Additionally, its position on the ceiling reduces the chance of downward water flow, and the dual check valves prevent the backflow of water. Due to its sturdy configuration, it can bear high pressure without harming its structure.

  • It can remove a significant volume of water.
  • The backward flow of water is prevented by the check valves.
  • At the moment the water level rises, it starts functioning instantly.
  • There is no requirement of any motor or battery.
  • The appliance is a bit expensive compared to others.
  • Its installation requires a cold waterline.

6. Basepump HB1000

Can’t tolerate the extreme noise of the old pumps? No worries, as we recommend you Basepump HB1000 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump, which has fantastic features to let you have a sound sleep at night.

At a Glance

  • 900-1400 GPH
  • Automated activation
  • Ceiling mount design
  • Built-in alarm

The product functions continuously as its operation depends on the water pressure. Due to the nonstop availability of municipal water supply, it operates until the sump pit is entirely empty, assuring a dry vault for an extended period.

As its rate of removing water is incredible, removing water at 900-1400 GPH, you don’t need to be stressed at all due to heavy rainfall. Whenever there is a power-cut, it activates automatically without any motor or battery. So, you can bid farewell to your money-stress.

Furthermore, if the tool or the basement requires an immediate inspection, the alarm rings loudly. You can take an instant step to save the floor from flooding. Its corrosion-resistant structure confirms its durability and keeps it new for a long time.

Additionally, its ceiling mountable design enhances its reliability as this feature creates a considerable distance between the sump pit and the machine. As a result, clogging or debris can hardly reach it.

  • You can fix it on the ceiling.
  • The alarm notifies you of any problem.
  • It performs without electricity.
  • Due to its tough physique, rust formation is prevented.
  • It is a bit heavier than expected.
  • The water flow rate is not adequate for commercial use.

7. Basepump CB1500

Are you looking for a watch-dog for your basement when you are miles away from home? One of the best pumps we can recommend is Basepump CB1500 Water Powered Sump Pump, which is highly reliable and super convenient.

At a Glance

  • 1500-2000 GPH
  • Automated float valve
  • Compact structure

If you are not there to protect your basement from flooding, don’t worry as this product performs its best automatically. As its functionality requires no electricity, it works as the best backup when the primary pump fails to activate.

Moreover, it drives out 1500 to 2000 GPH of water, resulting in the highest pumping rate. This fantastic feature indicates the fastest removal of water, saving your house during heavy rainfall.

Whenever the water level rises, it triggers the float valve and initiates the machine; therefore, you don’t have to run immediately to the ground to start it as soon as there is a power outage. You can effortlessly install it just by following the manual.

Additionally, due to its compact configuration, it occupies little space in the pit. The dual check valves ensure a forward flow of water so that it does not disrupt its operation.

  • It starts instantly when there is a power failure.
  • By removing the maximum amount of liquid, it acts as a great savior.
  • Installing it is very easy.
  • The forward flow of water is always maintained by the valves.
  • It makes noise while operating.
  • The white pipes might get dirty early.

How To Best Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Even though we are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a water-powered sump pump, there are still several factors that you need to know before deciding to purchase one.

Town water or well?

You must be connected to a municipal water line to use this device. This is because if you have a well, you will not be able to use a water-powered sump pump.

Water pressure and pressure settings

The water pressure of a water-powered sump pump is similar to that of a showerhead. If you point the showerhead in an upward direction and direct the water away, the more pressure you apply, the higher and further the water is pushed away.

As the sump pump pit is often situated at the lowest point of a basement, the pressure must be high enough for the water to flow up the pipe and away from your home. On most sump pumps, the pressure is measured in meters or feet.

Gallons per hour (GPH)

One of the essential elements of a water-powered sump pump is how much water the device will pump in gallon-metrics for an hour. So, you need to figure out how much water needs to be taken out of the basement. For instance, in a regular 18 inches diameter sump pump pit, one inch of water is equivalent to a gallon. On a rainy day, when your electric pump stops operating, you can take a yardstick and hold it in to check the rising water level.

The change in this level has to be multiplied by sixty. In this way, you can assume the gallons of water flowing through the sump pit every hour.


Installation is a natural process if you are familiar with a tool kit, but if you aren't, then it's wise to take the help of a professional. However, most of the people choose to do it themselves since the instructions are pretty clear. Although each model of the sump pump device has its own particular instructions, generally, it is the same.

Still, water-powered sump pumps are tricky to install, as they go into the plumbing of your basement. We’d recommend taking expert help if you’re not sure about how to install a water-powered sump pump.


Drainage is another important factor because the ability to drain the water to the outdoor area efficiently is a vital feature of a water-powered sump pump. There are two methods regarding drainage.

You can tie the sump pump in your current discharge pump, which will make the installation process more accessible, or you can keep it in a separate discharge pipe only for this pump, which, albeit useful, might complicate the process.

Basement and sump pit size

There are different types of sizes when it comes to a water-powered sump pump; some are only suitable for small basements; some require a specific sump pit size while others are ideal for basements of all sizes.

Therefore, you need to keep in mind the square footage of the basement and the sump pit's size before choosing a sump pump.

Noise Level

Different models of water-powered sump pumps come with varying levels of noise. Some of them are noisy, and some are quiet, but none of them are extremely loud.

Most people prefer to choose the one that makes a loud noise because this gives them an indication of whether the pump is operating or not, while other people want a pump sump that promotes less noise. Fortunately, they can be tested so you can decide which one works best for your home.

Construction quality

Before buying a sump pump, you need to know about its design and construction quality. It goes without saying that you have to choose a pump that is made of durable and sturdy materials that can last for a long time.

Since the device will be continually surrounded and immersed in water, you should choose a sump pump that is resistant to corrosion and rust.


It is better to purchase a water-powered pump sump that has a warranty than one that does not. However, the policies vary from one to another in different models, so choose one that works for you.


Most of the water-powered sump pumps come with an alarm feature while others do not. The alarm is usually built-in to let you know when the main pump has stopped operating and when the sump pump is supposed to be activated.

We would suggest you get a pump with an alarm system, which makes it easy to keep track of its operation.

Check valve

A check valve on the pump’s discharge line prevents the water from coming back in the sump pit when the device switches off. It is sometimes called a ‘one-way’ valve. This is because it only allows water to flow in one particular direction. Without a check valve, the device will turn off automatically after a specific amount of water is taken out of the sump pit.

The remaining water in the discharge pipe will gather in the sump pit, which might cause the sump pump to dysfunction prematurely. Hence, it is better to choose a sump pump with a built-in check valve.


Another main factor is efficiency. Naturally, all water-powered sump pumps run efficiently, but you can compare the description of the different models and pick the one that meets your needs. Most sump pumps use a gallon of water to discharge about two gallons of pump sump water. You need to keep in mind that you are accountable for the town water, so you need to adjust your water bill accordingly.

However, most people are willing to pay a higher water bill just to keep their basement dry.


The town water for your sump pump must be stored in a large vessel or container. It can either be a reservoir or a tank. This water flows through various small sets of pipes to individual residences.

Due to this limitation, the water travels faster, which then results in a reduction of pressure. Consequently, the pressure reduction channels out the water from the sump pit through suction.


The cost of a product is one of the critical factors. Before setting out to buy a water-powered sump pump, you need to set a budget for the device. Some of the sump pumps in the market are more expensive than others, so keep this in mind as you look for the right one. However, the expensive ones might not necessarily be the best, or the cheaper one might not necessarily be the worst.

Therefore, you need to choose a sump pump with all the features and benefits you are looking for within your preferred price range. The products listed in our article vary in quality and price; you’ll definitely find that fits the bill if you read the in-depth reviews.

Advantages of the water-powered pump sump

Usually, at first glance, a water sump pump might look like a complex device, but they are quite easy to operate. Most people ignore how powerful water pressure can be, so they underestimate the power of these pumps. However, there are few benefits of using a water-powered sump pump, some of which are:

Unlimited run time

Since your property's municipal water pressure operates these devices, the sump pumps will be able to run for an unlimited amount of time until the water is available. And we’re all well aware that municipality never runs out of water, except for rare circumstances.

Doesn’t rely on electricity

Also, during extreme weather conditions, the electricity supply is likely to be cut off, and this is where having a water-powered sump pump comes in handy because it doesn't need electricity to operate. It’s a god-send when you’ll be out of electricity for hours at a stretch.

No need of a battery

In a water-powered sump pump, you don't have to bother about checking, maintaining, and replacing a battery or even keeping an eye on the charger to monitor its usage. It’s super convenient.

Water-powered sump pump disadvantages


The amount of water that is needed for the device to function adequately is quite massive. This will cause a rise in your water bill because of the operating costs.


Compared to battery-powered sump pumps, this type of pump is a bit more complicated to install. Since the water-powered sump pumps are connected to the house's water supply hose, they must be properly installed.

Using water powered sump pump

Water-powered sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in your basement. The sump pump is situated at the lowest area or hole known as ‘pit’ within the basement. It is essential that you install it at the lowest point of the property.

The pit works in two ways: it works as space for the water to drain into, and it activates the pump when there is sufficient liquid in it. Next, the water is carried from the pump to a set of pipes, in an area where the water can safely be drained.

By safe area, it means a place where the water cannot damage the furniture or any other object kept in your basement. The set of pipes operate with the help of a check valve so the water can only travel one way, which is away from the sump pit. This decreases the risk of the water coming back through the pipes.

For instance, during heavy rain or storm, water will start to fill up the sump pit. The heavy rain causes a power outage, which, in turn, shuts off the primary sump pump.

If you have installed a water-powered sump pump, then the water in the pit will travel above the inactive float of the main pump and, at the same time, trigger the device's float.

The activation of the float causes a tap to open inside the pump, which is usually installed above the sump pit. Then this valve sends the water from the house's municipal water supply by the pump ejector.

The water is then safely discharged outdoors. In this way, the device completes its process each time the water level crosses the normal range.

Final Words

Water-powered sump pumps are the perfect backup pumps for houses that are connected to city water. These devices are quite efficient and robust and will be able to last you for a long time.

It might be a little overwhelming while choosing the best water powered sump pump out of the many available in the market. Still, we hope that the information and reviews provided in this guide will help you make an informed decision.

To round it up, you can go for the Liberty Pumps SJ10 if you have some money to spare. It has amazing features, and well worth the investment, it’s a clear winner as it stands out against other products.

If you’re running low on cash, grab the earlier model Basepump RB750. It’ll give you reasonable service at an affordable price range

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