How To Reset A Sump Pump | Explained

After a long stormy day, are you worried that the function of your sump pump has deteriorated? Are you worried that it may have started to wear out? Well, worry no more; our guide on how to reset a sump pump will make it easier for you and put all your worries at ease. Sump pumps are devices that tend to wear out due to over-use or over-exhaustion. Proper maintenance is a must! However, if you have just bought a pump that suddenly stopped working efficiently, resetting it is the only way to fix it.

Resetting a sump pump is not as daunting as you might think. Surprisingly, you don’t even need the help of a professional to fix it. You can reset your sump pump in just ten minutes!

How To Reset A Sump Pump

Reset That Sump Pump!

If your sump performance has fallen from grace after heavy work-loads, resetting will put the device back to pumping water away from the basement. The following steps will help you understand the science behind resetting a pump.

Safety first-

  • First and foremost, take precautions! It would help if you disconnected the main power of the pump. Water and electricity combined can be fatal. You must always take proper precautions and ensure your safety before attempting to reset the pump.

Clean up-

  • Next, lay down a towel and take your pump out. The towel will absorb pump water, if any, from the sump and avoid staining on the basement floor.


  • Now, you can disconnect and remove all the connectors and drainage pipes from the pump. Be careful, and try not to break any pipelines.
  • Subsequently, clear out all the dirt, stones, and debris from the sump pit. One of the major causes of a sump pump failure is debris and pebbles. You must always ensure and clean out the hole every week. Similarly, you must clean all the pump connectors and look for clogged pipes. Even a tiny pebble can exhaust a sump pump and affect its function.


  • Furthermore, after ensuring proper inspection and cleaning, reconnect every part of the pump like before, settle the sump pump back into the pit, and switch on the main power.


  • Lastly, press the reset button, and your pump should switch on and start to work. That’s it! You have successfully reset it.

By following the methods mentioned, you can easily reset your sump pump by yourself within a short amount of time. The main takeaway here is that you must never let your sump pump or the drain lines get clogged. A clogged pipe can severely damage and affect your pump’s performance.

When Should I Reset My Sump Pump?

Understanding your pump is the key to finding out when to reset it. It would help if you were alert of some critical points because a reset button cannot always rescue your sump pump. Usually, it’s a good idea to reset the pump after a storm or heavy rainfall. It means the sump has had to pump a lot of water away and demands a reset.

It is also possible that, while driving the water away from the flooded basement, some debris or small stones may have been stuck into the sump pit. It is an excellent time to check for debris and clear out any clogged pipes and reset the device.

Besides, you should always reset your sump pump after power outages. Since the pump is directly connected to the main power supply, there is a possibility for a burst fuse. To avoid further electrical problems, reset the pump before the next storm.

Subsequently, if you have a sump pump battery backup system installed, the power outage may have fried the battery. Double-check all the power connections before resetting. It is common for a sump pump to be clogged because, over time, it starts to collect grimes, which is why it is always recommended to clean your sump pump.

To restore the efficiency of the pump, reset it timely.

Can’t Seem to Find the Reset Button?

Don’t panic if your pump does not have a reset button on it. Usually, sump pumps without a button automatically reset once you turn on the main power. If your pump does not turn on, it means that the pump has some other serious problems which cannot be solved by resetting it. At this stage, it would be best to call for a professional’s help.

The latest sump pumps can reset with a remote-operated device, however for traditional sump pumps, switch off the circuit breaker.

When Not to Reset the Sump Pump?

Sometimes, the reset button cannot save your pump from a major problem. Knowing when not to reset the pump will help you identify your pump’s condition. So, whether you need a professional hand also depends on the no-to-reset principle.

  • If the sump pump is making a loud noise, it means something is stuck in the sump pit.
  • You must never reset the sump pump with clogged drainage pipes. It is recommended to clean all the pipelines and look for debris before resetting the pump system.
  • If there is smoke coming out of the sump pump or see electrical sparks coming out of the pump, immediately turn off the power supply and avoid going near the pump. There may have been a possible short circuit.
  • Always check for exposed wires and cover them with tape to avoid shocks.

To Conclude

Short circuits, power cuts, and a flooded basement are the reason why you need to reset your pump from time to time. However, you should always ensure your safety before attempting to do so, as it might become dangerous for you to handle the device.

Always turn off the power supply and inspect thoroughly before proceeding to reset the pump. By resetting your sump pump, you are increasing the efficiency and longevity of the sump pump. Remember, a pump not reset is an upset pump- so keep your pump happy by resetting, ciao!

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