Best Little Giant Sump Pump Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 2021

Little Giant Sump Pump Reviews

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Who can resist a good oxymoron, eh? The Little Giant is the quintessence of quality wrapped in a compact box. We all can somewhat agree that shopping for a sump pump can be a bit annoying. Also, they are a pain to set up and replace, so you better be safe than sorry.

If you are looking for one from some reputed brand, Little Giant is often a recommendation. You don’t have to take our word for it. Ask around, and you’ll get your answer. This company has been in the game for a while, and it shows. They offer some amazing options tailored for different uses. These pumps come with some cool features and accessories that you definitely want.

Knowing about these will help you understand which one you can get the most out of. In this Little Giant sump pump reviews, we take a shot at helping you decide. So, let’s see what we’ve got.

Little Giant Sump Pump Reviews


Top 5 Little Giant Sump Pumps

Here we have listed the 5 best little giant sump pumps. You can simply glance at the outlined points or read the detailed breakdown. The power rests with you.

1. Little Giant 508158 Automatic Sump Pump, 2700 GPH


  • Removable inlet screen
  • Cast iron pump housing
  • Oil-filled motor housing
  • Thermal protection

If you are new to the Little Giant name, then our first recommendation would be the Little Giant 508158. It’ll live up to even the highest of expectations, that’s why it has a spot on the top. Despite operating for consecutive hours, overheating won’t be a cause of its malfunction. Due to the thermal overload protection, you don’t have to fix it or think of buying another after a short time.

Moreover, nitrile parts, carbon, and ceramic faces assure a durable product. As a result of the material sturdiness, the pump keeps performing at its best. The cast iron pump housing with epoxy coating guarantees its longevity. Therefore, you don’t have to redo the coating as these are resistant to stains.

Its incredible endurance and stability keep it shiny and good-looking. Furthermore, as soon as the water level reaches between 7″ and 10″, the float switch is triggered and instantly activates the pump. The vice versa happens when the level of water drops to a certain mark. Wherever you are, you can just relax and do your work as the machine knows how to play its part.


  • Automatic activation reduces your work stress.
  • It is protected from overheating.
  • The epoxy coating makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • Durability is confirmed by cast iron.


  • You have to fill the motor with oil.
  • The handle becomes slippery after a lengthy hold.

2. Little Giant 506274 6 Series Submersible Sump Pump


  • 1/3 HP
  • Long power cord
  • Iron housing with epoxy coating
  • Perfect dimension

Worried about fitting a sump pump in a small pit? Bid adieu to the stress because Little Giant has your back. The Little Giant 506274 6 Series is the ideal candidate for tight crawl spaces.

Its configuration of 9.5 by 7.5/7.5 makes it perfect for any basement size. You don’t have to run days after days, searching for a perfect fit. Besides, its long power cord gives you more flexibility regarding power outlet choices.

No matter how long it has to operate, thermal protection prevents it from exploding. You are safe and don’t have to worry about a sudden burst. Moreover, the epoxy coating results in its elegant look.

As it has to come in contact with water, the pump is manufactured with cast iron that makes it resistant to rust formation. Now, you can rest for years without thinking of replacing or repairing it.

Additionally, the motor performs efficiently and drains water out fast enough, saving your vault from flooding. Even if you are not at home and there’s unbearable rain, it will protect your vault from flooding as long as it’s plugged in.


  • The long cord makes it more advantageous.
  • It turns on without any assistance.
  • The engine has excellent performance.
  • Due to its size, you can fit it into the smallest pit.


  • You might not like its color.
  • It has no float switch.

3. Little Giant 506160 51979 Sump Pump For WRSC-6, Black


  • Cast iron housing
  • Thermal protection
  • Long power cord
  • Weighs 15 pounds

It’s hard to sit back and enjoy a cuppa during a beautiful rain if you’re obsessed with flood damage. If that’s the case, think about replacing the old, worked-out pump with Little Giant 506160 51979 WRSC-6.

This pump is built with cast iron, and this particular material can hold its ground. Water might be flowing at its highest pressure, but the machine endures the blow and remains stable. You can stay stress-free even after a rainstorm.

The energetic engine functions efficiently, driving out maximum water from the basin. It has the least possibility to burn out even after running continuously.

Additionally, its epoxy coating acts as a protective layer against quick corrosion. No damage means no repair, and that saves your time and money. Furthermore, the coating also helps in retaining the glossy look.

Due to its low weight, you can effortlessly carry and transport it to your basement. It won’t even let you know that it’s working. Being super quiet, it disrupts neither your work nor your guests.


  • It makes no terrible noises while functioning.
  • The cast iron makes it rigid.
  • You can easily carry it without anyone’s help.
  • The power of the engine is unquestionable.


  • You have to wash the filter after a few days.
  • The float switch requires maintenance.

4. Little Giant GIDDS-521252 12393 1/3 HP Automatic Sump Pump


  • 2760 GPH
  • Epoxy coating
  • Cast iron housing
  • Weighs 17.66 pounds

Our fourth pick is a giant in both form and performance. With a punch that’ll move water at top speed, the Little Giant GIDDS-521252 12393 1/3 HP is a monster in the basement.

The pump plays its part well in draining out water at 46 GPM and keeps your basement dry. While most motors tend to die out when things go south, this little beast will keep firing on all cylinders.

Moreover, its durability is highly ensured by the cast iron, which can bear the greatest blow from water. You won’t have to buy or repair any of its parts. All you have to do is clean off the debris.

Its auto-activation permits you to stay away from home as long as you fancy. As soon as the water level in the basin rises, it turns on. The opposite happens as the water level drops.

Additionally, getting it together is super easy. Therefore, you can do it all by yourself. Also, the sintered bearings are there to let you sleep uninterrupted by absorbing any noise/


  • The energetic motor never fails.
  • You can install it all by yourself.
  • As it operates automatically, you don’t have to rush to turn it on.
  • It makes the least noise.


  • The price is a bit higher.
  • It has no alarm.

5. Little Giant LG5MSP 1/6 HP Submersible Hydroponic Pump


  • Zero noise
  • Use of aluminum
  • 1/6 HP motor
  • Comfortable handle

You do not want your basement to become a dirty swimming pool, right? So, it’s better to gear your sump pit up with Little Giant LG5MSP 1/6 HP Submersible Hydroponic Pump. It is a complete package with all the desired features.

As the pump is virtually noise-free, it is a perfect choice for both commercial and residential use. You can work peacefully and have a soundless sleep. Due to its fantastic configuration, it gets fit into pits of any size.

Moreover, the energetic motor helps drain out water at 1200 GPH, meaning a fast rate of water dispersal. It ensures that your vault never gets wet.

The pump is constructed of aluminum so that you can conveniently submerge it. The metal makes it lightweight and easier for you to transport. Also, you can clean the pump without any hiccup, thanks to the mesh screen.

Additionally, the bottom intake design with a pre-screen protects it from debris. The construction is built to last; it holds firm against extreme water pressure. Your investment is safe with this premium sump pump.


  • The motor has outstanding performance.
  • You can install it without anyone’s help.
  • The use of aluminum makes it lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It can also fit into a small-sized pit.


  • You might not like its color.
  • Sometimes oil gets leaked.

What to Look for When Choosing the Little Giant Sump Pump

Choosing a sump pump requires some prior knowledge of how it works and what makes it desirable. You will find a bunch of things below that you need to consider before making the purchase.

Float Switch

Float switches activate sump pumps by detecting water levels. Little giant offers automatic water level detection with an integral diaphragm float switch. Its high and low water levels are adjustable.

You can opt for tethered or vertical float switches. A tethered switch enables the motor to cool off for longer after each cycle, unlike a vertical switch, which has more cycles. Mineral buildup can limit a vertical float’s efficacy, but it can operate inside a narrow sump. Only if your sump is wide enough, can a tethered float properly operate as it takes up some space?

Pressure Switch

A pressure switch checks the water’s pressure and turns on the pump accordingly. You can find some Little Giant pumps with maximum water pressure ratings. Unlike float switches, pressure switches do not have to face any obstruction as they are totally confined. But pressure switches cannot be adjusted for water levels.

Check Valve

A check valve is needed to ensure a one-way water flow. Otherwise, water would fall back into your sump’s basin after the pump turns off. For a new sump pump, even if it comes with a check valve, it is recommended to use a replacement. This is done because the flap of an existing check valve might be corroded by minerals from water.

Battery Backup System

Your house may not have power during a storm, but this is when you need your sump pump to work the most to prevent flooding. A battery-backup system could save the day.

Battery backup enables a different pump connected to the discharge pipe to operate- this means that you will get a working pump for hours when power is out. There are many options for battery backup in Little Giant products. You can set up the battery separately.


A water level alarm warns when the water has reached a certain threshold, and it’s time for the pump to dive into action. This is essential for manual pumps but can be installed on automatic ones too. An alarm system for low battery indication is useful as well.


The size of the product is important for a lot of people. Lack of space leads to the need for smaller sump pumps that can fit in narrow chambers. Luckily, there are many Little Giant options to choose from that are built to operate in tight spaces.

If you would like to shift the pump from time to time, you might want something portable- lighter than 20lbs. To replace your pump or its parts, you need to confirm that they are the same type and size.

Make sure that the discharge tubes are not less than 1.25″ in diameter on the inside because smaller tubes require more work from your pump. You want to measure the height of the lift to know the head pressure- 10-foot is standard. Measuring the pump’s floor area will give you an idea of how much water it holds.


An impeller’s job is to create a low-pressure area at the center of the pipe and force water in from the pit. You have to have a good impeller. Make sure that it has no sign of wear or damage because a broken impeller means an ineffective pump.

Material is also important; choose a strong one with more corrosion and cavitation resistance, which best suits your budget.


Always check the warranty before buying so that you can get help from the company within that period. Usually, most Little Giant sump pumps have a 2- or 3-year warranty. A longer warranty indicates the reliability of the product. Sometimes manufacturers give you a chance to increase it.

Build Quality and Design

You don’t want to buy another pump every 2 months, do you? This is why you have to get a high-quality product; one with the correct fittings that will save you from frequent hassle. Design is also important. For example, if you want to remove grey water, look for an effluent pump.

Sump pumps can be made of metal or thermoplastic or a grouping of plastic and steel. Metal is better. However, cast iron is a generally favorable option because it’s bulky.

It stays put and has superb resistance against rust. When it comes to filtration, if you need your pump to handle a chip of rock from time to time, you would want a special kind of impeller- but this will compromise the pump’s capacity.

There are pumps of submersible or pedestal base types. A pedestal one is easier to retain and cheaper too. Also, the waterproof housing of the motor is not required. The drawbacks are: it is noisy and prone to overheating during heavy operation as it cools by air instead of water. It is used for pumping above ground.

A submersible pump is to be situated at your sump’s bottom. It is pricier than a pedestal pump and requires good quality protective housing or there will be leaks. But its motor is effective, cools off quickly, and does not make half the noise of a pedestal pump.


Horsepower determines how fast a pump can transfer water. Little Giant sump pumps offer motors starting from ¼ HP. For a basement, you want one with 1/3 HP. If a pump has to move water to a greater distance, then it will need more horsepower. So, know how it is related to pumping ability for different lifts, usage, etc., and check the specification sheet to get the right horsepower.


You want to know the right procedures from the instruction manual before attempting to set up a sump pump. After placing and connecting the parts accordingly, inspect if any opening or bolt malfunctions or has leaks. It’s okay to call a plumber to install it for you in case of any confusion.

If you’re a proud DIY, you look up our informative piece on How to Install a Sump Pump for self-setup ideas.


How Long Do Little Giant Sump Pumps Last?

Make sure you use them with care for what they are meant to do. With caution and proper usage, they will easily last for about 10 years or more.

Do Little Giant Sump Pumps Make Noise?

You should expect some noise from the pedestal models. The submersible sump pump ones are pretty quiet because the motor is enveloped. Besides, water functions as a buffer to noise.

Final Take

If you have been perusing this Little Giant sump pump review up to this point, then great! Because now you know a lot about what to look for in a sump pump. Use this article to make the best purchase possible for your specific requirements.

This article can work as a handy blueprint for what works and what doesn’t. Also, we’ve given our two cents on all the 5 sump pumps mentioned here. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, get your priorities straight, and the purchase will be more than satisfactory.

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