Wayne WSS30V Sump Pump Review – Buyer’s Guide 2021

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Most people who keep facing a barrage of nonstop floods tend to get two pumps- a primary and battery backup. Despite the benefits, it takes up a lot of space and is expensive as well. Well, the Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination is going to kill two birds with the price of one! Yes- one of Wayne’s true innovations, the WSS30VN, brings you a powerful primary sump pump coupled with a 12V backup sump pump. So, even if you’re a resident of a flood-afflicted area, you can take that long camping trip, because Wayne’s got your back! In this article, we are going to present the Wayne WSS30V review. We’ll dissect the product into bits and pieces, giving you all the relevant information.

Wayne WSS30V Review

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What We Liked
  • Super silent with an efficient amount of water discharge
  • Pre-assembled combination
  • Alarm system and LED indicator for safety
  • Optimum flow rate maximum of 5100 gallons per hour
What We Didn't Like
  • No volume controller for the alarm system
  • A little bit expensive

Buying Guide

At first, we will talk about the things that one should (or has to) keep in mind before buying. So, let us see what those significant issues are.

No backup battery

Wayne wss30v sump pump does not offer an extra battery, so you need to check the battery status and health every single month. The backup sump pump will not work if the battery is dead. However, the battery that comes with the product is powerful enough.

No Volume Controller

There is an alarm system included with this model that helps to know the battery backup sump pump is on instead of the primary one. So, it’s a great feature, yet the sound is too loud, which might annoy you sometimes as there is no controller to lessen the volume.

Review Of Wayne WSS30V

From a company with decades of expertise, Wayne WSS30V upgraded combination 1/2 hp comes with a variety of features that will surely satisfy any user. Wayne wss30v pre-assembled, so you don’t have to study the installation manual much. Besides, the body comes with highly durable cast iron, which prevents the pump from rusting as well as ensures its durability. It includes two pumps where the main pump discharges a maximum of 5100 gallons per hour, and the 12 Volt DC backup pump can drain 2900 gallons per hour. So, you’ll get a high flow rate with both primary and battery backed-up pumps.

This model is equipped with a vertical float switch that lessens your work a lot. You can set a limit for the water level, so whenever it exceeds that range, the sump pump will turn on automatically. Along with all other unique features, it ensures safety with a powerful alarm system and LED light. The pump alarm keeps ringing every 20 seconds when the pump is activated. Besides, the LED indicator lets you know about the battery status.

Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination 1/2 HP
  • Indoor Use Only: This 1/2 HP WAYNE indoor sump system is perfect to keep your basement or indoor area dry during heavy water flow, even if you lose electricity; whether it’s rain, snow melting or more, WAYNE model WSS30VN can keep your basement dry
  • Back-Up Ready: WSS30VN will pump up to 5,100 GPH and remove/evacuate/expel/get rid of up to 10,000 gallons on a single battery backup charge; WAYNE WSB1275 75 AH Battery is required for back-up but not included
  • Efficient Design: Comes preassembled and ready for drop-in for easy installation in 15 minutes or less with no need to drill a weep hole; fits in 16” diameter or larger sump basins
  • Additional Features: The system has been tested to 1 million cycles for long-lasting use; comes with 8-foot SJTW power cord
  • Quality You Deserve: Proudly assembled in the USA for quality you can trust; warrantied for 3 years for dependable, efficient, & ultra-quiet performance

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Key Features & Benefits


Most of the time, intelligent design and structure are the things that attract customers. Well, Wayne has put significant effort into designing. There is a handle for easy portability. Also, the outer frame comes with quite a pleasant color contrast. The dimension is user-friendly. It is 23.5 inches in height, 18.2 inches in width, and 14 inches depth, this size makes the setup very convenient.


Reliable construction is another essential thing about sump pumps because these units are always at war with water. In that case, your first duty is to check out the materials used in a particular product. The main pump has a cast-iron body that ensures maximum sturdiness. Besides, it is free of rust and corrosion as the cast-iron frame has an epoxy coating over it. It prevents the body from oxidizing.

On the other hand, the backup sump pumps come with a steel-clad thermoplastic exterior, which is also robust enough to sustain in a damp environment.

Alarm system and LED lights

The manufacturers added several safety features in this product, so you do have a few options, even if the battery is down. There is an alarm system, which makes an audible sound when the sump pump runs on the battery backup. It keeps ringing after every 20 seconds to let you know that it needs to recharge.

Furthermore, the other option is the LED light indicator. It is for letting you know about the battery status. Thus, you have many ways to know beforehand if the sump pump runs out of charge.

WSS30VN Wayne


This unit has a 1/2 HP motor, which is powerful enough to pump out around 5100 gallons of water per hour at the height of 0-feet. Also, at the same level of water, the 12V DC backup pump is capable of taking out at least 2900 gallons of water per hour.

So, you can quickly get rid of the damp basement using the two powerful motors.

Float switch

If you are in a rush or don’t have much time to check out your sump pump, then this feature will indeed be very beneficial for you. First of all, there is no point in having any doubts about its durability because the float switch has gone through 1 million tests to make sure it’s consistent. Then, the float switch is going to help you when you are away from the house. You can set a specific level of water. So, the motor will automatically turn on when the float switch surpasses this point.

Therefore, your basement will be free of water as long as the float switch is intact.

Flow rate

The rate of water discharge is quite remarkable in this unit because of its ultra-powered motor. At water level of 0-feet, it can drain up to a whopping 5100 GPH. Besides, the rate of flow may vary with the increasing level of water but indeed works excellent even at 20-feet vertical height.

It pumps out 4380 GPH when the discharge height is 5 feet. When it’s 10 feet, the rate goes a little bit down, which is 3480 GPH. Also, it can efficiently drain out 2400 GPH and 900 GPH, respectively, at discharge height 15 feet and 20 feet.

Ultra-quiet performance

The best thing about this sump pump is that it does not make any noise even after having a beast of a motor. So, you can work near your basement without any trouble.


This unit is a combination of several unique parts to make it customer-friendly. These are some available components in this sump pump.

  • The main pump that runs by electricity
  • A sump pump that uses a 12V DC battery
  • A battery charger with a battery box
  • An integrated float switch
  • Sophisticated check valves
  • Pump alarms system
  • LED indicator
  • Handle

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This sump pump offers a three years warranty, indicating the faith Wayne has for its product. Even though the sump pump comes with robust materials, it still provides services for customers’ convenience. Therefore, if you see anything goes wrong within this time, then you can contact their service center.

Goodbye Flooded Basement

Whether it’s for home maintenance or professional purpose, this sump pump is perfect for both. Starting from design, it includes so many other beneficial elements such as powerful motors, float switch, safety alarm, LED lights, and so on. We hope after reading this Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination sump pump system, you have enough information for choosing this one. We would like to inform you that so far, we have reviewed many products, and we found this product to be one of our favorites.

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