How Much Does It Cost to Have A Well Pressure Tank Installed in 2021

Have you noticed flooding or dripping water from your well? Are you thinking of replacing your well pressure tank? Before investing in well tanks, you need the know-how to make it work.

The average cost to install a new well pressure tank can range from $300 to $5000. As you can see, the difference is a whopping $4700. That’s why it’s wise to keep yourself abreast about the tentative costs- just to be on the safe side.

We’ll explain all the expenses associated with well pressure tanks. And you can assess your situation to get a ballpark amount of what it’s going to cost in your case.

Are Well Pressure Tanks A Worthy Investment?

Before investing in a product, the question we ask ourselves; is it worth it? Well, let us clear out the air of confusion- the answer is yes! Water pressure tanks will give you an immediate and constant water supply. It has a better lifespan than water pumps. Overall, it’s an excellent investment!

Depending on the type of pump, pressure tank, labor cost, and the well’s depth, an average estimate that homeowners spend is about $300 to $5000.

Of course, the cost of installment will vary depending on many other factors. Such as- Are you doing the project? Are you calling a professional plumber? What type of area do you live in? What kind of well pressure tank do you prefer?

Now, all these questions don’t mean to baffle you. We will break down each section with answers, tips, and costs for your understanding.


Do Costs of Well Pressure Vary on Its Type?

Well pressure tanks come in various models and types. There are three major types of well pressure tanks.

  • Percussion or Rotary Drilled
  • Driven
  • Hand Dug

These pressure tanks have certain well depth and specifications. The rule of thumb is, the deeper the well, the higher the cost! In contrast, shallow pump installation is cheaper than the deep well pump. So, choose wisely before investing!

The lifespan of the pressure tank and water pump depends mostly on the size of the pressure tank.

Generally, two types of pumps are eligible for moderate to deep type wells, such as:

  • Submersible pump: As the name suggests, submersible pumps have to be completely submerged underwater.
  • Jet pumps: These pumps stay in the warm, out-of-water region. However, they require a certain amount of water inside them to operate smoothly.

Depending on the brand you are hunting for, the price of submersible pumps and jet pumps can vary. For instance, submersible pumps cost around $180-$1300, whereas jet pumps cost about $100-$800.

However, additional labor and installment procedures will increase the cost- keep that in mind.

Well Pressure Tank Replacement Cost

If the bladder of the water pressure tank has gone bad, you must immediately seek professional advice.

Replacement of a water pressure tank may cost you from $500 to $1900. The cost relies mostly on the depth of the well and the kind of plumber you’ll hire for the job.

Furthermore, the cost of replacing a submersible pump ranges from $400-$2000. However, jet pump replacement costs around $300-$1200.

It is recommended to strictly be on the lookout for quality as you are spending quite a lot! That’s why make sure you hire a professional plumber or know the installation method by heart before trying to handle the task by yourself.

Factors Affecting the Cost of The Well Pumps

Typically, there are always some factors that alter or fluctuate the cost of a particular product. Similarly, the cost of well pumps also has some factors that you need to consider.

· Size of the well:

To save yourself from making an unnecessary investment, understand and gather knowledge about the well’s size.

If you have a shallow well, you will require a pump that is appropriate for shallow wells and vice versa. They are also pretty cheap and affordable than the pumps that need to be installed in deeper wells.

· Type of the pump:

If you install a jet pump, it will be more affordable. However, installing a submersible pump is costly.

When it comes to replacement, certain factors come into play. For instance:

· The replacement method:

Before attempting to replace yourself, always try to figure out the root of the problem. If it is too tough to handle, call a plumber!

You do not want to further increase the cost of labor by contributing to the cause of a faulty well pump.

Furthermore, what caused the tank to malfunction is another significant factor when it comes to assessing the cost. If you notice a defective pressure switch, then the problem lies within the pressure switch. However, if there are other problems, you will need to call in a professional plumber or do some intensive studying.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Well Pump Pressure Switch?

Has your faucet suddenly stopped supplying water? Before calling the plumber, make sure you check the pressure switch condition located in the pump. The water pressure generally depends on the pressure switch. Usually, when the pressure switch is faulty or defective, the water supply stops.

Repairing the pressure switch will cost approximately $20-$50. However, we would advise you to replace the pressure switch.

The cost of replacing a pressure switch ranges from $60-$250! It depends mainly on who is doing your work. If you do the project yourself, it will cost around $65; hiring a professional plumber will increase the cost to about $225!

Although the accessories of a pump are relatively cheap, about $20-$40, it is the cost of the pump contractor or the plumber who will charge you extra money for the quality of their work.

How Long Do Pressure Tank Last?

Frankly, a well pressure tank lasts for about 5-6 years. However, proper maintenance and monthly checkups can boost the lifespan for up to 25 years!

A little maintenance can save you from a lot of trouble and also reduce the extra cost. Always check the air pressure of the tank. If you see water sweeping out, the bladder of the pressure tank is defective.

Final Words

To conclude, we hope our article gave you insights into the cost breakdown of a well pressure tank’s installation. With thorough knowledge about the ins and outs of a well pressure tank, you can make a smart investment.

A little responsibility swoops right in when you dish out the big bucks. That’s why, when you get a well pressure tank, perform a maintenance run once a week, or at the very least, keep it under surveillance.

We hope this article has helped you get a glimpse of all the costs related to well pressure tank installation.

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