Zoeller M98 Review – The Budget Sump Pump 2021

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Zoeller has been around in the sump pump industry for a while now. The pumps they manufacture are no stranger to quality and durability. However, if you keep cutting corners when it comes to budget, even top-tier brands can help you to a certain extend. The same thing happens with the Zoeller M98. It’s certainly not a wonder device in the realm of sump pumps. Still, for the price you’re paying, you’ll be hard put to find a pump of this caliber.

If you’re wondering whether this budget pump can address the problems you’re having, we’re here to shed some light. To answer your many queries regarding this pump, we present the Zoeller M98 review. You can understand first-hand the strengths and shortcomings of this machine by giving this article a quick read.

In short, it is a high-performing sump pump that comes with robust construction, an automated float switch, 1/2 HP motor, fast water discharge, and many more beneficial features that indeed make it worth purchasing.
Zoeller M98 ReviewZoeller M98 Review – The Budget Sump Pump 2021 | Check Latest Price On AmazonZoeller M98 Review – The Budget Sump Pump 2021 |

  • 1/2 HP motor that is capable of discharging 72 GPM water
  • An automated integral float switch
  • The robust construction of cast iron and rust-free body
  • 1½” NPT discharge and passes around 1/2″ solid waste
  • The installation manual is not very convenient
  • Needs maintenance

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you need to consider before investing your money in this product because sometimes it might not satisfy your requirements. So, we have enlisted some essential elements which will help you to understand the product well.

No battery backup

It runs only with an electrical connection, which means no backup battery available. Even though this product misses this feature, but with its higher flow rate, it can discharge 72 gallons of water per minute. Still, if you feel the necessity of a backup battery, then this product won’t be appropriate for you.

Difficult to fit in small pits

This product is a bit bulky in size, so if you have a narrow pump space, then it might not fit. It is essential to make sure the size of the pump and pit is proportionate, so you don’t have to bother later on.

Features & Benefits

Design & Build quality

Zoeller is well-known for its unique design as the sump pump is made in the USA. It comprises several components, such as a longer power cord, a powerful motor that makes it appropriate for any residential area. The pump comes with a mechanism that helps to scatter the temperature all over the body, so there is no occurrence of uncertain heat up.

Besides, it includes a small hole under the pump that prevents air trapping while the pump discharges water. Along with these, it is an ultra-silent motor that can work without creating a racket in your household.


Durability is one of the essential features of a submersible pump because it has to work mostly underwater or in damp surroundings. So, this unit offers an excellent cast iron frame to make sure it does get damaged due to excessive humidity. The entire cast iron construction includes an epoxy coating that prevents the body from rusting or oxidizing quickly.

Also, the pump is thermally protected, which keeps the temperature of the motor balanced. Moreover, other parts come with stainless steel that includes a handle, screw, guard, and arm.

Zoeller 98-0001 115-Volt 1/2 Horse Power Model M98
  • 1/2 HP pump for residential sump pits or septic tanks
  • Automatic model with integral float switch, 1½" discharge, passes 1/2" solids
  • Performance: 72 GPM at 5' head, shut-off: 23' TDH
  • All cast iron construction with stainless steel guard and handle
  • 100% factory tested

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This unit of Zoeller comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor, which is capable enough to take out 4320 gallons of water per hour. The maximum discharge rate is 4320 GPH, but it might drop due to the change in water level.


Flowrate is one of the essential things that everyone looks for before purchasing a pump, and as this unit comes with a powerful 1/2 HP motor, there is no reason to be worried about it. The maximum flow rate is 72 gallons of water per minute, which is 4320 GPH. But if the level of water gradually increases, the flow rate tends to drop over time. So, it remains maximum at 0 feet. It drops to 3660 GPH at 10 feet level, and accordingly, at 15 feet and 20 feet, it becomes 2700 GPH and 1500 GPH.

After that, the motor stops responding when the water level reaches 23 feet in height. Therefore, overall, the flow rate is quite high, as you can see, the motor discharges water extremely fast.

NPT discharge capacity

The NPT discharge rate of this sump pump is 1 ½ inch that makes it suitable for use in household basements as well as commercial purposes. Also, it is efficient enough to drain 1/2 inches of spherical waste very quickly without causing any problem to the water flow.


It has a non-clogging impeller so the motor can run smoothly without any impact on the discharge rate. The impeller comes with a plastic material that is durable as well as capable of enduring rust.


This unit weighs 24.7 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too lightweight. Besides, it includes a stainless-steel handle so you can quickly move it from one place to another.

Power cord

The sump pump includes a 15 feet long power cord that is important for both safety and accessibility. It uses neoprene in the wire that is a good air conductor and gets dry very quickly. Thus, the cord ensures maximum safety by preventing the chances of electrical mishaps.

Automated float switch

Automated float switches are handy for operating a sump pump effortlessly. With this mechanism, the pump detects the level of water by itself and turns the device off and on accordingly. This product offers you a similar feature where you can monitor the pump with the help of a simple switch included in it.

You can set up a certain level of water so the pump will start discharging water automatically when it reaches that fixed water range. Therefore, you do not have to check out your basement often and worry about floods when you are not around.


Zoeller offers a warranty for further security and making your investment worth it. So, they will provide services if there is an issue in the pump from 12 months of installation date or 18 months from the manufacturing date. However, you have to be careful while using the warranty because misapplication might not count under this service.

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Final Words

If you are not satisfied with your old pump and want to try something new, then we suggest this product to you. It is undoubtedly very efficient and offers you many beneficial features, including a high flow rate, non-clogging impeller, long power cord, as well as a sturdy body construction.

We hope our in-depth Zoeller M98 review was able to quench your curiosity. If you’re looking for a power-packed pump for every dime spent, then this is a prudent choice.


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